Repurposed Drawers and Crates for Craft Supplies

Does anyone else have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after Christmas?  I feel like until I get all the decorations and the tree taken down, it’s hard to do much else, but I did work on a little organizational project today.

When we “remodeled” one wall in the kitchen to install an oven range hood (seen here), and removed the little crates that held my spices, I wanted to find a new use for them.  I had bunches of little paint bottles that have been sitting inside my roll top desk (seen here).  Every time I opened the roll top, a few of them fell out, so I knew I needed a better place to store them, and these little wooden crates ended up being the perfect size, so I hung them up next to my chalkboard wall in my entryway (seen here).

wooden crate shelves

I realize most people don’t “display” craft supplies in their entryway.  I keep my large cans of paint in my basement, but these are products I use all the time, so I like to keep them close at hand, and the entryway is a very convenient place for me to keep them.  Whenever my workshop gets remodeled, I’ll probably move all the supplies into it, but until then, I don’t mind keeping them in the entryway until then.  I also repurposed drawers that I’d already painted the insides with chalkboard paint, so my husband connected them together, and I added D-ring hangers and put them up to hold more paints, wood stain, and other products I use constantly.  The drawers came from a huge antique desk that I bought at an auction several years ago for $1.  No one bid on it, so the auctioneer asked if anyone wanted it for a dollar, and it occurred to me that the oak drawers alone were worth that.  I’m so glad I snatched them up now.  I have a 3rd matching drawer that I’ll hang under these two eventually, but it’s buried in the abyss in my workshop right now.

upcycled drawer shelves

The chalkboard interior in the drawers looks perfect near the chalkboard wall, and it didn’t cost me anything to use the crates and drawers I already had to gain some new storage and organization for my craft supplies.  If you notice on the ceiling above the drawers, there’s what looks like a cut out area.  That space is actually a drop down ladder that goes up into our attic, so by putting D-ring hangers on the drawers, I can easily take the drawers down when we need to lower the ladder.

wooden drawers repurposed

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  1. Looks great Angie 🙂 It always feels good to get organized.

  2. Love it–all those beautiful paints sitting there organized would inspire me!

  3. Great use for those drawers and they look very nice on your wall. This inspires me to do something with the ones I have.
    Happy New Year.
    Audrey Z.

  4. This looks great! Perfect for storage! Happy New Year!


  5. Oh I love this too! Old spice rack? Check! Craft paints all over the place in need of serious organising? Check! *adds another project to the list* Thank you! Sue

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