Wooden Door Backdrops

Recently my husband brought home a bunch of doors used doors.  He installed one to replace our bedroom door, and used another for the closet he built into our bedroom.   I love incorporating doors into my decor, and there are several solid wood doors that we won’t need, so I decided to turn them into door backdrops.  I’ll be able to use them in my house, but get double-duty from them as door backdrops for photos as well.  This one is a little warped, so it could never be used as a door, so I was excited to get to play with it.

solid wood door

To get more mileage from it, I painted each side of the door differently.  This side was painted with a soft green, called  Upper Canada Green from Fusion Mineral Paint.  Anything that I need to photograph that is white will look pretty in front of this color.

painted door backdrop

On the reverse side, I painted the door white, then painted the inset panels with chalkboard paint.

chalkboard door

I may attach a shelf between the top and bottom panel, and add some hooks under the shelf, so it could be used in my bedroom as an extra shelf and spot to hang sweaters, etc., but still be useful as a photo backdrop.

chalkboard door backdrop

I have several other door backdrops in my home as well.  I have a chippy antique door in our hallway, and an antique screen door hanging in my living room.

I shot all of these photos in front of the plank wall in our bedroom.  I love the new wall, but you can see from the photos that the lighting is terrible near it.  There’s only one window on that side of the room.  It’s a small window and that side of our house is shaded, so I’m hoping we can remove that window and install a larger one, and possibly install a tubular skylight as well.  I crave sunlit rooms – especially during the winter, when there isn’t as much daylight.  Hopefully, once we get all the walls finished and painted, it will help to brighten the room as well.

My husband is making good progress in our bedroom.  He’s nearly finished with the floor, and is working on another section of plank wall right now, so hopefully I’ll be able to show you an update soon.

Have a great week, everyone!

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  1. I love this idea Angie! 🙂 Julie

  2. Tante Mali says

    I realy like this! What fun and looks so beautiful shappy and chic!
    All my best

  3. Am always looking for a “new” green …Upper Canada is lovely!

  4. This is a fun idea…and I love that chalkboard door! Sounds like things are coming along great with the bedroom decorating project!

  5. Love your blog. You are so creative and have wonderful ideas!

  6. Angie, you have done it again! Another great transformation!

  7. Marlene Stephenson says

    I love old doors but,they don’t seem to be that easy to find around here. Thanks for the ideas,i love your blog and can’t wait to see what you have done in your bedroom.

  8. Love that green color Angie. Good that you are able to put all those doors to good use. Love the idea for photo props … makes it more interesting. Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z.

  9. So very pretty and what an excellent idea to use the door as a backdrop!

  10. Love the paint colours – I love old doors – lets just say I have more doors in my house than I do doorframes 🙂

  11. p.s. thanks for all of the wonderful printables

  12. I love that you did each side different. I have a stack of doors but they don’t have panels, I am going to try and faux finish them so they look like paneled doors. We shall see how that turns out!

  13. Now I have to get my hands on THAT green…it’s gorgeous! I also love what you’ve done with the other side of the door and it does make the most beautiful backdrop for photos…but I also love your idea to add a shelf and use it in your bedroom. That’s got my wheels turning and that can’t be good because it means work…hehe!

  14. Love that Canada green! The white looks great up against it, makes it stand out. I like the idea of using old doors for photo props. But old doors are really hard to come by here, unless you pay an arm and a leg )-;

  15. Just saw your site for the first time and it is so inspiring! Do you mind answering 2 questions? 1. What kind of stencil paint do you use and 2. will it adhere to both glass and plastic?

  16. love love love!!!

  17. I really need to do this Angie… only with a couple of double wides for my photo shoots!

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