Plant Stand Makeover – Bee Image Transfer

I’d love to tell you that every single project I work on turns out exactly as I envisioned, but that would be SO far from the truth.  The truth is, some projects never make it on my blog because they were such disasters, and some are just a comedy of errors during the process – except I’m rarely laughing at the time.
I have one of those projects to show you today.
I picked up this darling plant stand at a yard sale last summer.  It was in great condition – just a bit outdated, so it needed a makeover.
Restyled Wooden Plant Stand via Knick of Time @
 The top had faux leather, which didn’t appeal to me, so I decided to paint the whole thing.
Restyled Wooden Plant Stand via Knick of Time @

Two coats of paint later, and I was loving it.  It looked fresh, and clean and bright…but I wanted to add something over that faux leather that I had painted.

I decided to transfer the French letter image to it (found HERE), so I used transfer medium to apply the page to the surface.  I didn’t cut it to size; I just put the transfer medium onto the table top and pressed the paper down onto it – trimming some of the excess away.

Once it dried, I wet the paper and started rubbing it off.  I thought it was going great, and was happy to see the transfer looked like it worked well over the faux leather, when my mother (who was looking over my shoulder), pointed out that all the words were backwards.   I had forgotten to reverse the image before getting the copy made!


I rubbed off as much of the paper as I could, and accidentally rubbed off some of the paint on the edges as well.

This project was going downhill fast.

I was so disgusted with myself and didn’t feel like starting all over again, so I put the plant stand in my basement, where it has remained for the last 8 months.  I finally pulled it out again, and decided to give it one more try.  I repainted the whole thing, so I could start with a clean slate, but the top  had residual paper transfer that wouldn’t come off, so the paint on top looked awful.  I was so tempted to carry it back down to the basement, or even straight out to the burn pile, but I would have felt guilty about burning something that should have been lovely, had I not goofed it up.

By this point, I hated that plant stand.

Every time I passed by it, I glared at it.

                                                                            ... I may have even called it names.

But remember, I’m on a mission to clear projects out of my house, and I’d vowed to finish up every project I’d started.  That horrid little plant stand was NOT going to win this battle!

I knew the only way to cover the residual paper left from the botched image transfer was to put something really thick over it, so I added some chalky powder from Vintage Storehouse to thicken up more white paint.  I added more powder than I normally would to make chalky paint, so it would be nice and thick, then I painted it on, criss-crossing the brush strokes, so it would have the appearance similar to wall plaster.

That did the trick – oh hallelujah!

I still wanted to put some kind of image on top, but didn’t want to tempt fate by using the same image again, so this time I chose a bee image transfer (found HERE).  This image didn’t even need to be reversed first, since both sides of a bee are the same.

bee image transfer If you’ve never done an image transfer before, the tutorial can be found HERE.  Just remember – when dealing with text, you MUST reverse the image before you print it.

bee image transfer

I was so overjoyed to finally be able to call this project DONE!

white plant stand accent table



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  1. Your table came out great Angie! I love the bee image… I’ve done that forgetting to reverse the image thing at least once!

    • Thanks Susan – glad I’m not the only one. I need to make a mental note to just stop using text image transfers, so I don’t need to worry about flipping the image first!

  2. Kim Norris says

    I love what you did with this table! And, I love that you kept at it. Now I have the motivation to finish a project I started a few weeks back. I have a dresser with an old 60’s orange/brown type paint on it. I decided not to remove the paint, but I scuffed it up a bit, used a bit of petroleum jelly in places and put a really nice green on it. I was hoping to get a cracked and chippy effect by using crackle and then putting a creamy white paint over the green. After I sanded it a bit first, I loved the green with the orange peeking through. So on went the crackle and then the cream. Well…. I hate the result. Hate. So, there the dresser sits in the spare room waiting to be taken care of. I may need to re-think what the new end result will be. Thank you Angie.

  3. Sometimes disasters turn in to masterpieces! Love it!

  4. I love the bee image…I never thought of transferring something like that! So pretty! We all have those kinds of projects once in a while lol!

  5. i love the finished table and am sorry the whole project wasn’t a smooth one for you. Thanks for sharing your mistake with us, along with your desire to not let it get the best of you. It motivated me to try to finish up a couple of “mistakes” myself.

  6. It looks amazing now, I love the bee!

  7. You’re only human (unless there’s somethin’ you’re not tellin’ us). Besides, the Bee is Better!

  8. Angie, thank you so very much for not only sharing the amazing success story you had with this table, but the mistake that went before it…I admire you greatly for that and I want you to know that, by sharing such a mistake, you are helping people to learn a valuable lesson without having to go through the agony of it themselves! I also think it shows fortitude of spirit when we share our errors…not a lot of people are open to doing that because they are afraid to show themselves as less than perfect…but brava to you for being so courageous…it only makes me think even more of you than I already do, which is quite a lot! And what a beautiful success story this table is…it’s truly lovely…I wouldn’t mind a little table just like that for my sun porch and I love bees, so I’ll be checking out the graphic! Thank you so very much for this…all of it…you made my day!

    • You always, always brighten my day! 🙂

      • I just came back to get the lovely bee graphic and happened to see your reply. Thank you so very much for such a sweet compliment, Angie…I am truly honoured! And I am glad to brighten your day, just as you brighten mine every day with your fabulous posts! Please keep on doing what you do just as you have been doing it…you are gifted with a very positive spirit and that rubs off on me every time I visit your blog…I always leave here feeling so inspired and buoyant and I’m sure I’m only one of a myriad to feel that way! 🙂

  9. Marlene Stephenson says

    It turned out real nice,even after all that stewing,you have a wonderful piece.

  10. Naomi S. says

    Thanks for sharing this info about pulling a disaster out of the “toilet”! Just goes to show that it’s really true that mistakes can become amazing successes! I was especially interested in how you achieved the “plaster look”. Good info for when I get started with my own furniture-painting experiments which I hope to do as soon as I can work in my garage without freezing to death. Enough, already, with this never-ending winter!

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