Repurposed Half Table into Nightstand

My bedroom remodel is coming along … ssslowlyyyy, since my husband can only work on it on his days off, and then only if something else isn’t going on, so to keep myself from having impatient, nagging fits, I’ve been working on projects for the bedroom.   The minute this remodel is finished, I’ll be moving all my finished projects in while my husband is carrying his tools out.  The dust won’t even settle before I start dragging things in!

I’ve got my Pallet Topped Sewing Table ready, I’ve got my Barn Pulley light ready to hang, and my Peg Rack is already hung on one of the finished walls.

What I needed to come up with was some new nightstands.  One of the nice things about being a hoarder is that I always have plenty of junk I can work with, so I don’t have to buy something new.  What I had  to work with are two halves from an antique table.

half table

I’ve seen a lot of wall mounted half tables on Pinterest, and this table was perfect to use to make a half table night stand.  Normally, you’d need to cut a table in half, but this table just had a metal connector that needed to be unscrewed to detach the two sides.

wall mount half table

The legs weren’t the original legs on the table.  We added some staircase spindles that I got at a yard sale several years ago.  See…hoarding comes in handy sometimes.  It was easy to just screw them into the skirt of the table, then paint the whole thing.  Talk about easy, right?

half table

Since my bedroom wall isn’t finished yet, it’s just leaning up against my kitchen wall in this photo, but we’ll add a wood support to attach it on my bedroom wall.  I think half tables would be great to mount inside a closet to use as a hidden office space, or perfect in a teen room as a desk as well.

wall mount half table

The cool thing is, should we ever not need them as nightstands, we could connect them in the middle and have a whole table again.

half table entryway table

And while I’m talking about tables, if you missed the announcement last week, tomorrow night will be the 1st Farmhouse Friday feature, and the theme will be…farmhouse tables!

Get all the details HERE, because this is an exciting weekly event I have planned for everyone who loves farmhouse style decorating…and there’s an invitation for YOU to participate in it!

farmhouse decor

See you tomorrow!


  1. I can’t wait to see your bedroom reveal. I know you will be excited when it is complete and you can let us take a peak. The idea of the half table is very different and one that I had no thought of. I think it is great that you added legs/spindles and you can put it back together if needed.

  2. I love it. I did a smaller table that was curved in and out the whole way around the top and had 3 legs. Just cut straight across the back to make it straight and attached it to an old wooden door and it actually holds the door up. Love it! I made it for a spot on my back porch in the corner where the wind blows through.

  3. What a fantastic idea for your bedside tables – itching to have a go now amazing job

    thanks for keeping me full of ideas

    love Sarah xx

  4. One of these days I am going to build myself a small 14×14 off grid guest cabin in my woods from scrounged things. Your site is the very best site I have ever seen, exactly what I am looking for regarding inspiration for it. My cabin will be peaceful and delightful for myself and my visitors I’m thinking! Thank you for all these wonderful ideas!

  5. Hello……

  6. Such a great idea, particularly for a small space…I’m keeping this genius idea in mind for a desk-type purpose…if only I was as adept as you at fleshing out my visions! Your bedroom is going to be sooooooo over-the-top beautiful…I can’t wait to see it! And I’m looking really forward to that farmhouse table feature tomorrow for some ideas which I really need!

  7. Marlene Stephenson says

    I have been looking for a table for my entry and this would be perfect,and i have one in my garage, thanks Angie for “turning on my light” my brain functions half the time. lol

  8. This is really a great idea and a beautiful look for your bedroom, Angie!

  9. Tell him to get moving on the project so we can see those sweet tables in place!

  10. Angie,

    I’ve cut tables in half before…. but you have me thinking. I have an old table that belonged to my daughter (small dining table) that would be perfect for this project. I think she might frown on me chopping it up, but I love this look!


    • I was lucky that I didn’t need to cut my table – I just needed to disconnect the two parts. I hope your daughter won’t care if you try it, because I know you would make it look wonderful, Gail!

  11. Love your new bedside tables! Beautiful!

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