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I know many of you love old barns as much as I do, so I’m sharing this photo I took on Friday.  My oldest son and I went on a weekend road trip and I asked him to keep his eye out for old barns .  He spotted this one and pulled over so I could jump out and photograph it.  It looks like once upon a time it may have been red, but most of the paint has weathered away, and some of the wood is falling off.  I love the shape of it, and really love that aged tin roof.

{If you’d like to print it, click on the photo to get the image without my watermark, but please don’t share that image}

old barn photo

We passed a few other beautiful old barns, but the traffic was to heavy to easily pull over.  I’d love to do a gallery wall in my house with nothing but photos of old barns and rural scenery, so I need to get snapping and get lots more photos!.

More free printable photographs can be found HERE.

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  1. I love the old barns too. So much went in to their construction that allows so many to still be standing proudly defying the ages. I live in the middle of “farm country” yet I am in between two large cities. Around me are old barns with such character and charm that I find myself doing just as you do…drive around and take photos of them. They do make a lovely arrangement on a wall.

  2. Donna Danna says

    Is this picture taken in Missouri? It looks familiar and thought it might be from here. You have the same thoughts as me. The barns are disappearing over time and need to be photographed and catalogued as an acknowledgement to a disappearing way of life. I love the country life and still have dreams of my own small farm.

  3. Angie, barns are a wonderful subject to photograph. Here in Indiana where I live they are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Their main purpose was to house the farmers livestock. Even farmers who still farm the land do not have much use for them because they are not practical for storing machinery. The upkeep and the fact that they pay property taxes on each structure are forcing many to have them torn down. I live on a farm surrounded by others and in the last few years it’s sad how many are gone. So take all the pictures you can because I’m afraid the day will come when that’s all we have.

  4. A beautiful barn.I love old barns too. My husband and I take Sunday drives just to find old barns.

  5. I love old barns no matter what they look like and even if they are falling down. They all have a special place in my heart. A gallery wall…..hum, this is an idea I might have to steal.

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