Vintage Style Storage in Antique Trunk

Normally when we travel, I can’t wait to hit every single antique store, thrift shop, and yard sale we drive by, but I was ridiculously well-behaved when we traveled to and from New Mexico last week.  I didn’t go to a single yard sale, and only stopped at a handful of antique stores, and from those stores, I only bought a few things.

I seriously amazed myself at my self-discipline, because I found several really cool things, and had carried them up to the cashier, then changed my mind and took them back.  One was some old car bench seat springs, and the other was a vintage metal cabinet with a clock on the front.  It originally was used as a stand for a roaster oven.There’s a possibility I’ll kick myself later for not buying them, but I both were fairly large and would have taken up a good deal of space in our Jeep, and I couldn’t think of what I would do with them, so I talked myself out of them.

One thing I did buy that I love is this  wooden antique  trunk.  It actually came from a thrift store, and my husband is the one who spotted it.  He said, “go to the back of the store, and there’s a green trunk I’m pretty sure you’ll want.

Does he know what I’ll like, or what?

wooden trunk

If the wood didn’t convince me, the galvanized  lid on it did.  It was definitely going home with me, but I felt justified in getting it, because although it is pretty heavy, and least it earned it’s space in the Jeep because it could hold other things.

galvanized lid

Its only real fault was that it had a hunk of wood broken off one side.  That wasn’t enough to talk me out of it, but I knew I would need to give it a makeover so the broken piece wouldn’t be so obvious.
wooden trunk before makeover

I loved that green color, which was almost an exact match to my antique kitchen stove, so I was bummed to paint over it, but since it needed it, I removed the lid and painted it white.  I contemplated using another color, but since I wasn’t sure exactly where or how I would use it, I figured white was a safe choice that would work in any room.

old trunk

Since the aged finish of the wood was covered with fresh paint, I wanted to return some vintage character to it, and Mr. Goodfellow helped me out! (stencil available here).

Since the stencil was larger than the space on the trunk, and I didn’t want to cut my stencil, I just taped it in place to keep it in position, then held each section down, so it would lay flat as I painted over it.

Stenciling an antique trunk with Vintage Sign Stencils -

It worked perfect.

old sign stencil

You’ll notice I didn’t use the entire stencil design.  I just used the upper portion with the Goodfellow name, and the lower portion with “St. Louis” on the bottom edge of the trunk.

antique crate

There were holes on the sides where it originally had handles, so I picked up a few and attached them, so it would be easier to move around, because it is fairly heavy.

An antique trunk gets a makeover with Vintage Sign Stencils and now is great storage for my Silhouette Cameo and stenciling  supplies! -

I started out without any idea how I’d use this trunk, but my Silhouette machine was sitting on my kitchen table where I’d been using it, and as soon as the trunk was finished, I realized it would make a great place to store both the machine and my vinyl supplies.

Silhouette Cameo storage in an antique trunk -

I screwed strips of elastic inside the lid to hold rolls of vinyl, and added a cup hook to hold packages of new blades.

adhesive vinyl storage

That machine has been taking up much-needed space in my kitchen cabinet, but I didn’t want it sitting out in plain sight, so I’m happy to have found a way to store it.  I can leave the trunk sitting right on my counter with the machine inside, and no one would ever know it.  I can just put it on top of the trunk when I’m ready to use it.  I love coming up with ways to store things that fit in with the rest of my home, rather than buying something straight from the store that doesn’t have any personality at all.

signature 2

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  1. Brenda Stallings says

    Love this beautiful trunk! Enjoy all your transformations!

  2. Gotta love extra storage with great style. Awesome project, Angie!

  3. That was a great find and you gave it a lovely makeover, Angie. Isn’t it wonderful to have a husband who finds good junk? Mine recently brought me an old wooden tote he knew I would love.

  4. Great idea for storage! At least you got to keep the great aged green on the inside of the trunk! Your work is always beautiful.

  5. It looks great Angie! How do I go about making stencils?

  6. Cindy Brown says

    You did an amazing job and that galvanized lid is to die for!!!

  7. Such a great find…I’ve never seen anything quite like it with that galvanized lid and all! And the makeover you gave it really suits it, Angie…it looks fresh, clean, yet still retains that aged sensibility…well done! And what a bonus that it fits your Silhouette machine, too! I wish I could find something so wonderful in a thrift store!

  8. Gilmer Gal says

    I love this trunk, and the idea of hiding your supplies. Awesome!

  9. Great job!

  10. Love the trunk, but oh you painted it! The green was so lovely. I have an old, old hamper from my grandmother that is about the same color. I think she got it as a wedding gift or about when she married my grandfather, so it is very, very old. I love that color. But your trunk is very nice white with the stencil too. And the galvanized top would have been the second reason I would have bought it. So fun coming to your blog to visit, always neat stuff.

  11. Great find! It would have been hard for me to let go of that green. Enjoy!

  12. Love the trunk and it’s lid is so different. I suppose if you get short of counter space you could attach some legs to the base or even casters. But legs would make it counter height. Nice to have a hubby who appreciates whT you love.

  13. quite a find and a beautiful job with the stencils. Plus storage! It’s a win all around.

  14. I love the trunk and what a great idea to store you Silhouette in it. Too bad you couldn’t keep the green color. I love that color!

  15. I love it!! Would have loved it with the green but you did a wonderful job to it!!

  16. What a great trunk! Great for storage.


  17. What an awesome find…I’ve never seen one with such a great lid!

  18. Beautiful job on the antique trunk Angie, and such practical storage for your CAMEO!


  19. Patty Soriano says

    Angie, I was in New Mexico last week, too! Beautiful, wasn’t it ? So, you gotta tell me, where did you find the trunk ? Where was the thrift shop ? I find that they don’t have as many thrift shops as we do here in Texas. Your find is a beauty!

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