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Vintage Inspiration Party #195 – Salvaged, Upcycled and Vintage Decor

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party! The VIP is the place to share anything old, treasured, passed-down or tattered, and you can also share projects that were made to look old, including salvaged, repurposed, and upcycled creations.

Barn Door Bedroom Hooks

I rarely check Craigs List, but I got lucky one of the few times I did check it last year.  I’m not sure if this was a small barn door, or a heavy barn gate, but I was so glad it was still available when I called about it.  There were actually several to choose from, so I bought this one, plus another one that I used as a headboard in our shed-turned-guestroom. I thought I might use this one as a {Read More}

Hello Australia!

If you aren’t a blogger, then you may not be familiar with Google Analytics, but basically it’s a resource from Google that allows you to see the stats on your blog or website, and I’m a bit of an analytics nerd. I like watching in real time, the stats for Knick of Time, which includes not only how many visitors are on my blog at any time, but also where they are from.  A dot shows up on a world map showing {Read More}

Farmhouse Lighting – Farmhouse Friday #12

Happy Farmhouse Friday, everyone!  This week the theme is farmhouse lighting – something every room has to have, so let’s look at 30 ways to do it with farmhouse style!

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Red Barn with Weather Vane

Can we pretend that today is Saturday and tomorrow will be Friday? You can do that for me, right? Oh good…because as hard as I tried to finish Farmhouse Friday for today, I just couldn’t get it all finished in time. Believe me, it’ll be just as good tomorrow as it would have been today, and I’m telling you, it’s turning out amazing! The theme is farmhouse lights, and you really don’t want to miss it, so come back and {Read More}

A Little More Grace

There are goof ups, and then there are GOOF UPS, and I made the capital, bold face letter kind! Remember a few weeks ago, when I shared my new Amazing Grace stencil design?  It included the words from Chris Rice’s version of the well-known hymn. Well…  Ann @ Duct Tape and Denim purchased the stencil, and she made a sign with it.  When her husband (who is a music minister) saw the sign, he said, “That’s nice, but that phrase is {Read More}

Old Milk Bottle Shape Stencils

In addition to working on several new stencil designs, I’ve also been designing some inexpensive “add-ons”.  Add-ons are smaller stencils that will coordinate with the larger stencils in my line, but can be used by themselves also. The first set of add-on designs are a 2-pack of old milk bottle shape stencils that coordinate with the Milk and Cream Co. design. The first one is an outline of an old milk bottle. Here’s how it looks paired with the Milk and Cream Co. stencil. The second one {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party #194

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party! The VIP is the place to share anything old, treasured, passed-down or tattered, and you can also share projects that were made to look old, including repurposed and upcycled creations. vin-tage (adj.) 1.) used to describe something that is not new, but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc. 2.) used to describe something that has the best qualities or characteristics of the things made or done by a particular person, organization, {Read More}

Stencils Organizer, Photo Display, or Whatever Holder

Do you ever buy something, and don’t have a faint clue what you need it for – you just know at some point you’ll need it for something? Now, I have been know to buy things that I never end up using, but I love it when months after purchase, I discover my instincts were right after all! During the winter, my youngest son had a basketball tournament in Kansas City. Whenever we travel, I like to hit some big stores {Read More}

Gathering Wildflowers, Weeds and Purple Clover

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandfathers out there! I went out to photograph a barn the other day, and spotted a patch of purple clover growing by the side of the road. I was instantly transported back to my childhood in the summertime… climbing trees, barefoot for most of the day, our dog following me around,      and nothing more important to do than to sit and suck the sweetness from the clover blossoms.  I’m concerned {Read More}