Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard

After I did some budget decorating for fall in my entryway last month, I didn’t expect to do anything else in that room … at least until Christmas.  But I was gifted a box full of rusty junk, and I couldn’t help myself.

I had to find a fun way to use some of it, so a rusty junk repurposed headboard was born.  And my entryway was the perfect place to hang it.

Farmhouse entryway with DIY salvaged headboard coat rack, wood window shutters and sign with Vintage Sign Stencils - My favorite piece in the box of junk was this blissfully rusty old doorknob.

rusty vintage doorknob -

The only problem was that in order to attach it to anything, one of the doorknobs needed to be removed.  But the screws holding them in place were so rusted that they wouldn’t loosen.

My husband cut through the bar they were stuck on.  He cut it flush with the back of the rim lock and welded it so the remaining doorknob would stay in place.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

At first I thought I’d attach it to an old piece of wood, but I remembered this antique headboard I’ve had for several years in my workshop.

All of the original finish is worn off and the wood looks really rustic now, so I knew it would be perfect for the coat rack I had in mind.

rustic wood antique headboard for repurposed coat rack -

I put D-rings on the back so it could be hung up, then started attaching my rusty treasures.

weathered wood antique headboard for repurposed coat rack -

The old doorknob went on first.  I used rusty screws and an old ceiling hook to attach it.

I never throw away old screws, because they eventually come in handy for a project like this.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

I attached small coat hooks in the openings on the side posts that originally held bedside rails.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

Next came an old metal hinge and coat hook.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

Next to that I attached another small hook that was in the entryway when we moved into our house.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

An old license plate fit in the gap that was left at the end, and I hung an old metal fryer basket on the other bedpost.

Now it was time to put all the rusty junk to work …

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

The fryer basket holds a plant.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

An ironstone pitcher with a plant inside, a skeleton key, scarf, and my favorite flannel shirt hang on the rest of the hooks.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

A sign made with the feed store stencil is resting above it all.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

Some little pumpkins and succulents in a rusty coffee can are on my grocery scale clock next to the coat rack.

Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

I borrowed the vintage style sign I made for my bathroom remodel to hang above the coat rack.

I’m in rusty coat rack heaven! 🙂

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Rusty Junk Coat Rack on a Repurposed Headboard -

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  1. Good Monday Morning Angie. Love this. So clever and unique. Love that barn door too.
    Have a great new week.

  2. So cool!!!

  3. Bonjour Angie,
    I follow your blog from France, I am an antiques fan and I love to see what you do with junks. You are such a good source of inspiration. Thank you for shearing with us… this post is a great idea, I have an old doorknob and I didn’tknow what to do… well I know now. I need to do something to hold my brooms in my laundry room.
    Have a good day.

  4. Love it! Love everything about it. My kind of decorating and I am a big time rust lover too.
    Have a great week.
    diane @ thoughts&shots

  5. This is just my kind of project! I love the bedpost and of course being from Illinois the plate made me smile! Guess even though living in NM I still have some Ill. left in me. 🙂 I always enjoy your posts and seeing how you decorate. Que Dios le bendiga!

  6. Linda Manuel says

    What I would give to have a headboard and footboard like that! I’ve been looking forever for them. Did you know you can convert a double bed hb/fd into a queen easily with a kit from a furniture store? I’ve done that in my bedroom with a nice older set, but am still looking for the perfect ones – well just like the one you have hanging on your entry wall! Why don’t they make beautiful things like that anymore?

    No matter, at least you have that most beautiful thing hanging on your wall! Perfect.

  7. The patina on that headboard is wonderful! Great project!

  8. Angie, that head board hanger thing is so, so cool! The head board was cool enough by itself with such nice turned posts and the patina of the grey weathered wood. But now it has a use with all those lovely rusty hooks and things on it. I would have nowhere to put something of that size but I still covet it!

  9. Hi Angie, love the rack. It is right up my alley. I also don’t throw away anything, you never know when you might need it. Love all yours posts. Have a great day.

  10. We have something similar to Upcycle, this turned out beautiful, love it!!

  11. Oh Angie… I just want to move right in! This entry is to DIE for!

    Featured you this upcoming weekend on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 351. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

  12. That is amazing! I love what you did and a box of rusty junk the best kind of gift ever. I don’t throw away any old screws or any old rusty metal things that I might use later eather. My husband thinks I’m crazy. But he did marry me this way. 😉

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