How to Make Galvanized Metal Look Old & Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler

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How to Make Galvanized Metal Look Old & Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler

Red White and Blue Quilt Block Patriotic Beverage Cooler |

I’m totally psyched for July 4th this year, because my mom and youngest niece will be here with us.  I’m hoping my oldest son and his new bride, and my middle son’s fiancée will be able to join us too.  The more, the merrier to celebrate America!

I already made a Patriotic Picnic Crate to hold all our picnic supplies, but I still wanted something patriotic and vintage-looking as a beverage cooler.

When I was invited to share how Sam’s Club & Coca-Cola™ are partnering with the United Service Organizations (USO) to send care packages to military families overseas, I had to share my dad’s own military experience with the USO in the 50s and came up with a Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler – with a cheater tip to make a brand new galvanized bucket look old and worn!

A few weeks ago, my son and I were looking through a box of old photos, and I found several photos my dad took when he was serving in the military.

These weren’t just any photos, they were photos he took of Marilyn Monroe when he was stationed in Korea and she toured there with the USO in the 1950s.  My son was surprised that his grandpa had the opportunity to see her in person.

Marilyn Monroe photos USO Korean tour |

If you aren’t familiar with the USO, its mission is to strengthen America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country throughout their service to the nation.  My dad benefited from their work with that chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity to see Marilyn Monroe.

How to Make a Galvanized Bucket Look Old

& Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler

Supplies Needed:

galvanized bucket

Barn Quilt stencils (small set)

red, white and blue acrylic paint

stencil brush

painter’s tape

acrylic spray sealer


1.  Place the bucket in bonfire until desired aged look is achieved.  Rotate every few minutes.  Use safety precautions when dealing with fire.

2.  Remove from fire and let cool completely.  (We used a long handled metal roaster stick.)

3.  Use painter’s tape to secure the barn quilt stencils to the bucket.

4.  Paint over the stencils using a very dry brush.

5.  Paint the upper and lower line around the bucket and let dry.

6.  For added protection, spray acrylic sealer over it.

7.  Fill with ice and cans, and enjoy!

How to Make Galvanized Metal Look Old & Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler |

How to Make Galvanized Metal Look Old|

How to Make Galvanized Metal Look Old |

How to Make a Galvanized Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler |

How to Make a Galvanized Bucket Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler |

This patriotic barn quilt beverage cooler would also look wonderful to hold magazines.

How to Make a Galvanized Bucket Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler |

The set of 3 mini quilt block stencils is available HERE.

Quilt block stencils available from Knick of Time's Vintage Sign Stencils |

The USO packaging is available on Coca-Cola™ 35 packs, and the new mini can 30 packs in club at Sam’s Club this summer.

Coke 35-pack cases at Sam's Club |

I bought the Classic Coca-Cola to put in my patriotic bucket.

Coca-Cola cans case USO cans |

Ahhh … ice cold! 🙂

How to Make a Galvanized Bucket Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler |

When Sam’s Club members buy Coca-Cola this summer, you’ll be helping the USO reach their goal of providing 3,000-5,000 care packages to soldiers overseas.

You can join Coca-Cola by donating to send care packages to military soldiers overseas HERE.

How to Make a Galvanized Bucket Patriotic Barn Quilt Beverage Cooler |

I’d love to hear how you plan to celebrate July 4th this year!  Do you have any special activities planned with your family?

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Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Fire? That’s a great idea! Your bucket looks great, love the quilt stencil!

  2. Sooo cute, Angie! I love that this aging step is not painted! I do have one question, as a friend with a farm/ranch just may provide a small bonfire that i couldn’t otherwise have access to anytime soon!!! Does the burned/smoked darkening of the bucket penetrate throughout the metal, and become permanent? (I presume so, since you used tape on the surface w/o changing the “smoke” color!)
    Still loving your quilt block stencils!

  3. Love your stencil and bucket idea. I am planning a huge family picnic for the weekend before the 4th. All 6 of my children and their families will be together and it will be super. My son in the Army and his family are making it home and it will be the first time in several years that I will have them all together at the same time. We are planning food, games and special time together. I have been working on a secret project for the last 4 years where I have made and handquilted a special quilt for each of them. This is when I intend to gift them with it. Hope it all comes together as planned and that weather will cooperate. Thanks for sharing all your talents and ideas.

  4. How amazing are those photos?? I so love that he got that chance. The USO really is so wonderful. Also love this idea–it’s so beautiful and just perfect for those delicious drinks!

  5. This is a fun post, Angie! I loved the story about your dad…as a military kid, I remember USO functions. The bucket looks great…I’ve not seen that ageing technique before!

  6. The bucket looks great! When you take it out of the fire do you have to clean soot of from it? It seems like it would be dirty from being in the fire.

  7. What a great story about Marilyn Monroe! Love how this turned out and tossing it in the fire is so smart. It has such a genuine look. Pinned!

  8. What a great idea to make something galvanized! Sharing on social media. Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

  9. I love this little project! It came out awesome!

  10. mare williams says

    I plan to have as guests 2 second cousins and a 3rd cousin on July 3!! I cannot wait to see them!! And I enjoyed reading your tutorial on making the bucket look aged, and stenciling quilt designs on them. I LOVE QUILTS!!!!

  11. Love how you used fire to age the bucket for a unique beverage cooler. Pinned!

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