Cow Screen Print Upcycled Farmhouse Style Planter

Cow Screen Print Upcycled Farmhouse Style Planter

Upcycled Farmhouse Style Planter |

Last summer when my daughter still lived at home, she bought a couple of large indoor plants and replanted them in ceramic planters.  Since I never like to throw away anything that might be useful, I held on to the hard plastic pots that the plants came in, and I’m glad I did!

I turned one of them into the cutest farmhouse style planter with a cow image on it … Because seriously, who doesn’t love cows?  

They crack me up every time I go for a walk down my gravel road.  Apparently, they don’t realize how huge they are and how easily they could hurt me.  They get spooked and run away as soon I get near them.

I’m getting so much mileage out of my Farmhouse transfer set that has 15 different silk screen transfers.  The cow transfer was just the right size for the plastic pot.


You can find the supplies for this project an my independent designer Chalk Couture Shop.

Upcycled Farmhouse Style Planter Directions:

  • Cut out the transfer that you want to use on your planter on the cut lines.
  • Fuzz the transfer on a towel.
  • Apply the transfer to your planter, smoothing out any air bubbles.
  • Use a craft spatula to put Chalkology paste at the edge of the transfer.
  • Use a squeegee to spread the paste across the transfer, and put the excess paste back in the jar.
  • Carefully lift the transfer up and allow the paste to dry.
  • To make the design permanent, use spray sealer over it.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, see This Post.

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On a totally different note, my daughter came over last week to play with her dogs down at our creek and she discovered a red-winged blackbird nest in our pasture.  Aren’t they so pretty!

Red-winged Blackbird Eggs Nest |

I have no idea how she spotted it because the pasture is very overgrown, but I’m glad she did!  She took me down so I could take a photo of it.  You can just barely spot her little dachshund in the tall grass.  She has a harness on her and just lifts her over the really high spots!  

One of her miniature horses has laminitis, so she can no longer eat fresh grass.  But a farmer mows and bales it for us so she can give it to the horses later once it isn’t so fresh and green.

Here’s a quote I came across recently and thought you might enjoy.

Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Those transfer sets are very cool. I’m starting to see them popping up around the web! My kids and I got to watch baby robins in our backyard hatch, grow, and fly off. So very cool!!

  2. I love seeing the red-winged blackbirds. There used to be lots of them out in the country where I grew up but I don’t see them here in the city where I live now. Maybe they aren’t city dwellers. How cool to find the nest and eggs. They are really pretty ones!

    I love that cow transfer. I have a small collection of cows–both pictures in frames and various figurines. I would love a planter with that cow on it.

    I have to learn more about this chalk transfer design method. I’ll go back and read your previous posts about it.
    Thanks for the fun post, Angie!

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