Pallet Frame Farmhouse Chalkboard

Pallet Frame Farmhouse Chalkboard

Several years ago, I made a pallet wood frame chalkboard.

Tutorial HERE.

It was mainly used to put flowers in jar I had attached.

The chalkboard and wood frame were intentionally left rough when I originally made it.

It wasn’t intended to be used as a chalkboard.

But I wanted to give it a makeover like you’d see in an old grocery store.

Pallet Frame Farmhouse Groceries Chalkboard Sign by Knick of Time

This time, I wanted it as smooth as possible.

Pallet Frame Farmhouse Chalkboard by Knick of Time

The frame was sanded much smoother and given a fresh coat of stain.

Now I could use an adhesive stencil (transfer) on one side.

I had only used one small piece of the Groceries transfer set when I made the Farmhouse Chickens TV Tray.

Using the large word fit great.  I just needed to make sure to place the design slightly off-center so I wouldn’t be putting color on the old nails.

Then my husband cut a pre-made piece of chalkboard and screwed it on the back of the frame.

It comes in a 2′ x 4′ piece that I ordered HERE for under $17, and I used the rest to make smaller chalkboards.

It turned out even better than I’d hoped.

There was still another piece of the transfer that I hadn’t used yet.

It’s an adorable old-fashioned dairy milk can and I just had to use it.

Upcycled Ceramic Canister Farmhouse Chalk Chalk Couture Groceries Dairy Milk Can by Knick of Time

Several years ago, I bought a set of three ceramic canisters at a thrift store.

You can see what I used the smallest one of them for HERE.

But I still hadn’t done anything with the other two.  They were just dust collectors in my window.

Now I set out to remedy that and add the milk can to the tallest one.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know I dearly love anything that says “milk and cream.”

So much so that I even designed a Milk and Cream Co. stencil that’s part of my line of Vintage Sign Stencils!

Ceramic Canister Farmhouse Chalk Chalk Couture Groceries Dairy Milk Can by Knick of Time

The antique stove in my kitchen is looking like it just stepped out of the pages of a country magazine!


Farmhouse kitchen pallet wood frame chalkboard by Knick of Time

Today's Special

 Life on the Farm Black and White 9″ x 12″ Pallet Sign


 Life on the Farm Black and White Pallet Sign by Knick of Time

Vaya con Dios,



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  1. That’s a cool chalkboard GROCERIES sign, Angie. And useful as a grocery list reminder. I didn’t realize you could buy ready-made chalkboard. I have an open frame from an old sign that I have wanted to make into a chalkboard for my grandsons and I’ve been putting off because I was dreading finding material to put in the frame to paint with chalkboard paint. It would be so much easier just to use the readymade chalkboard. Now I know it exists.

    Thanks for the show and tell and the chalkboard idea.

  2. Mostero Jitse says

    Its a very nice chalkboard Groceries Sign, Angie. The chalkboard idea you shared its really useful for me. Thanks for these amazing ideas.

  3. Katarina - says

    Love the vintage vibe of the groceries chalkboard and stove! They both look like they jumped from farmhouse heaven and made your home look more inviting and welcoming. Thank you for sharing this idea, it’s really useful!

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