Farmhouse Wood Tray Thrift Store Makeover

Farmhouse Wood Tray Thrift Store Makeover

Several months ago, I shared some thrift store finds and one of them was this wood tray.

For the most part it was in good condition.  Just scuffed up and dirty.

The wood just wasn’t my style.  Not bad, but just too dark for the farmhouse style I love.

So it was definitely going to get a makeover.

Let me show you what I did.

I wiped off the dust and used my spray paint to cover the wood and the corner brackets.

The spray paint is a primer and paint, so I got great coverage.

The next day I did the other end and sides.

I let that paint dry overnight, then waxed just the inside of the tray.

Once again, I used the Chickens transfer – the same one I used on the TV Tray Table Makeover.

The tray measures 18″ x 12″ and the transfer is exactly the same.

A match made in barnyard heaven!

Chalk Couture Homegrown collection Chickens transfer available from Knick of Time

Chalk Couture really captured a realistic farm scene with this transfer.

Farmhouse Wood Tray Thrift Store Makeover

It’s really a great size tray that can be used as a breakfast in bed tray, displayed on a mantle, or as a table centerpiece.

Farmhouse Chickens Wood Tray Thrift Store Makeover by Knick of Time


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  1. Such a pretty makeover, Angie!

  2. Thanks Linda. I could find 101 ways to use the chickens!

  3. Great fix, it always amazes me the stuff that ends up in thrift stores. And, of course chickens…LOL.

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