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 What a Wonderful World Stenciled Vintage Suitcase

Recently, when my son and daughter-in-law were visiting, we went to Hannibal, MO, to visit the shops downtown.

In one of my favorite shops I found a vintage suitcase at a great price.

My husband asked why I wanted it.

To be honest, I had no idea!

Vintage Blue Samsonite Suitcase


I thought about painting it because it’s dinged up, but I just couldn’t decide.

So it sat for a few weeks waiting for inspiration to come to me.

When I saw this What a Wonderful World adhesive stencil, I knew it would be perfect for my vintage suitcase.

After ordering it, I had to patiently wait for it to arrive.

Thank goodness, it didn’t take long.

Chalk Couture What a Wonderful World adhesive stencil

Just to be safe I waxed the side I was going to put the image on, because I didn’t want to risk the adhesive stencil sticking too much.

When waxing surfaces, there are two different kinds of wax to choose from – Spray Wax or Paste Wax.  Both work great, so it really doesn’t matter which.

Chalk Couture transfer on Vintage Blue Samsonite Suitcase

After “fuzzing” the stencil (called a transfer), I used two different chalk paste colors for the design – Bright White and Cadet, which is a dark blue.

The main part of the design is white.  It really pops against the blue background.

Our cat was so curious about the suitcase and kept circling it.

The banner holds the words “What A,” which were done in the blue paste color.

I added extra elements that I already had from the Travel Story Collection, which perfectly suited it.

I love how the Stories Collections make it easy to mix and match with other designs that really just pulled this whole project together.

What a Wonderful World Stenciled Vintage Suitcase by Knick of Time

Living really close to a small regional airport, I took it inside to snap a few photos.  The building is empty until a flight arrives.

Chalk Couture Travel Stories Collection What a Wonderful World Chalk Couture Stenciled Vintage Suitcase

Regional Airport What a Wonderful World Chalk Couture Stenciled Vintage Suitcase

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And since Christmas is coming, I thought I’d show how to make an amazing vintage truck t-shirt, very similar to the one I made last year but with a Christmas theme using the Vintage truck with Winter Add-on.

Vaya con Dios,



Chalk Couture Travel Stories Collection What a Wonderful World Upycled Vintage Suitcase by Knick of Time


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  1. Mellisa Stuckert says

    I inherited a set of 2 of this this suitcase from my M-I-L that I display year round on her grandmother’s steamer trunk as is. I will have to do a stencil that can be both shown year round, and honor Mom after seeing this post. Thank you Angie for the wonderful nudge.

  2. That looks great, I love it!

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