Repurposed Drawer Plant Shelf

After finding a battered cabinet on the curb and using it for several years, I knew it was time to repurpose it.

The cabinet isn’t in good shape, but it made good storage for a time.

If we ever hope to finish remodeling our bedroom, that cabinet needs to be gone!

So, I upcycled one of the drawers into the PERFECT farmhouse repurposed drawer plant shelf.  And here’s how I did it!

The cabinet has three drawers just like this one, as well as a smaller drawer and a larger drawer.

How to repurpose a drawer

First, I cleaned it really well with hot soapy water on the outside and a tack cloth for the inside of the drawer.

Next, I gave the whole drawer a fresh coat of paint with Rustoleum Blossom White.

Overnight, we got a bit of snow.  Blech!

repurpose a drawer

Then I  turned it on its side so the inside became the front of the shelf.

How to repurpose a drawer

Painting it white gave me a bright background for plants and anything else I want to display inside the shelf.

Adding just the words from the Plant Seeds Of Love adhesive stencil design was perfect for a plant shelf.  There are many more elements that can be used, but I wanted only the words for this project.  I have other ideas in mind for the other elements.

This design is being retired, but I bought a few extras for my customers.

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Chalk Couture Plant Seeds of Love Watts of Love transfer

It looks small, but that leaves room for plants on both sides.

Repurposed drawer Chalk Couture silkscreen transfer

Using Black Velvet chalk paste and a Squeegee to add the words, it was done in minutes.

Farmhouse adhesive stencil design plant seeds of love on a painted drawer to become a plant stand

And that was it!  The transformation was complete.

How to Make a Repurposed a Wood Drawer Plant Stand Shelf with a Chalk Couture silkscreen transfer by Knick of Time

The finished project can either hang on the wall by adding hanging hardware, or it can stand on a counter.

Now if only it would get warm enough that I could find real plants at garden centers.

It’s only 12 degrees here today.  Brrr!

So here’s my little bit of spring that will work from now until summer starts.

Spring can’t come soon enough for me!

Farmhouse Repurposed Drawer Plant Shelf by Knick of Time

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Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Very cute. I like just the words and their size.

  2. Dear Angie,

    I really looove your vintage printables and I really like to print some of them out . But it isn’t possible. It doesn’ t matter which image you choose for a print every one is shown blank on your site :(((

  3. That is so cute, Angie. Sitting it on the back end like you did makes it look like it has little legs. I love it and what a simple upcycle. You could make more of them from that storage unit and sell them in your shop I bet. Now I’m going to go looking for a drawer to upcycle! And I’m assuming the stencil is from the Chalk Couture line? Is there a stecil like the one you used with Plant Seeds of Love on it still available and what is the price? I really want to make one of those drawer shelves.

    p.s. I did go over to the FB site but didn’t see where that stencil was offered.

    • I’d love to sell it, but it would have to be someone local. The shipping would be too much.
      Yes, it is Chalk Couture. It will be part of a special I’ll offer when our Spring catalog launches on Feb 3rd.
      Check back then!

  4. This is a great re-purposed project that would be easy for anyone’s skill level. I especially like the saying for the perfect added touch ~ pinned!

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