Creating a Rental Storage Unit Photo Studio

Creating a Rental Storage Unit Photo Studio How I turned a rented storage unit into a photo studio for under $150. You might wonder why I need a photo studio when I have a perfectly good house and a guest house that I can take photos in, and I can answer that question in six words …

Looking Back at Old Blog Headers

I used to change my blog headers on a regular basis, to reflect seasons or a new favorite photo. It’s more challenging to do that now, as my header space is much more long and narrow, and isn’t large enough to accommodate most photos.  I do like my header now, because it isn’t too “busy” looking, but sometimes I miss changing out my headers. For those of you who are new readers, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what my {Read More}

Blogging with the Pros – I Wish I Would Have Known… Blog Mistakes from 6 Bloggers

Blogging has a huge learning curve…and I mean really huge.  If I had invested the number of hours I’ve spent learning about blogging into college, I’d have initials behind my name right now. There are SO many things I wish I would have known as a brand new blogger, that would have saved me countless hours and headaches down the road.  Blogging is more than a few photos and words on the screen. To help other new, or would-be bloggers {Read More}

Blogging with the Pros – Starting out with WordPress

*This Blogging with the Pros series does include affiliate links for products I recommend. If you are considering becoming a blogger, or are a blogger considering moving to WordPress – this post is for you!  I’m going to share what my experience has been, along with some of the dumbest mistakes I made, and I have invited Lesley from Chaotically Creative to share some tips, so you get can get started on WordPress, without spending the small fortune I spent doing it, {Read More}

Blogging with the Pros – Getting More Visitors to Your Old Posts

As part of my “Grow Your Blog” series, I’ve been interviewing a few of my favorite bloggers, who have successfully grown their blogs, and shared some great tips from them, but today’s post isn’t an interview from another blogger.  Today, I’m sharing something that I’ve recently started doing on my blog, that I’m seeing great results from it.  Now, I’m not claiming to be a blogging “pro”, by any stretch of the imagination, but the tip I’m sharing today has {Read More}

Blogging as a Business – Dream Job or Pipe Dream?

I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for 24 years, and a homeschooling mom for 18 years, so any income I earn HAS to be home-based, since I still have 1 child that hasn’t yet graduated, and since I have no desire to be employed outside the home anyway.  It’s been exciting to see that my options aren’t limited to doing home childcare, or stuffing envelopes, in order to earn an income from home.  I actually did do childcare for quite a few {Read More}

Blogging with the Pros – Using Social Media Effectively

When my oldest son graduated from our homeschool over 4 years ago, I started having thoughts about what I would do when my remaining 3 children graduated as well.  I’ve been a homeschool mom since 1996, and it’s been my “job” all those years, and I worried about what I could do once I no longer had that purpose.  I decided to start my Etsy shop, as a way to supplement our family’s income, then a year later, I began blogging. {Read More}