August Monthly Recap | 12 Projects and Posts from Knick of Time

August Monthly Recap Like so many of you, I’ve watched the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.  My cousin’s 1-story home in Tomball, Texas, was spared by just inches.  She was able to get out once the flooding on the roads subsided.   A cousin of my son’s fiancée was less fortunate, and lost everything.  I know the situation will get worse for those in areas that will be flooded by the release of water from reservoirs.  I know many of {Read More}

July Monthly Recap

Welcome to the 3rd edition of my monthly recaps! July was a more relaxing month than May and June since we didn’t do any traveling.  My mom and niece did come to visit and we had a great time visiting extended family, having a “girls’ night out” at a cabin at the lake, and going to Six Flags together.  I worked on fewer projects this month so I could just enjoy their visit.

Monthly Recap | June 2017 Edition

Welcome to the 2nd edition of my Monthly Recap! I can’t believe it’s the last day of June already!  The summer is just flying by. I received such positive feedback about the 1st Monthly Recap I did for May, that I decided to continue doing them.  Even if you are an email subscriber

Monthly Recap | May 2017 Edition

Welcome to the 1st edition of my Monthly Recap! I’ve never done a monthly recap before, but I thought it might be a good way to give you a month at a glance and visit any blog posts you might have missed.