Cake Pan Christmas Chalkboard – 12 Days of Christmas {day 2}

 I hope you rummaged through you recycling bin yesterday, and have gotten started making yourself a Cookie Cutter Window Candy Jar – you could whip up several of them in an evening!  I’ve been happily munching on the soft peppermints in my jar for several days.  At this rate, I’ll gain 10 pounds before November has even ended! Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas celebration won’t make you gain any weight at all, but it might make you want {Read More}

Gingerbread Man Painted Jar

I’ve been as busy as an elf in Santa’s workshop, getting ready for my 1st (and possibly annual, if it goes well) 12 Days of Christmas event, and it’s finally here!  Thanks for joining me!   My goal was to create projects that aren’t difficult, and don’t require too many supplies, and today’s project fits that bill, so let’s jump right in! If there’s one thing that there is a lot of during the holidays, it’s sweets, and I wanted to come up with {Read More}