Christmas Books Stocking Hanger – Christmas Finale!

If you love the old classic Christmas books and movies as much as I do, then the final project in my 12 Days of Christmas series may be just what you need!  It’s a Christmas Classics Stocking Hanger, and when you make your own, I guarantee you’ll be the first person you know to have one like it. Not only is this the final day in my series, but I have a special treat for you as well.   I’ve teamed {Read More}

Rustic Brown Paper Bow & a Winter Memory – 12 Days of Christmas {Day 11}

I can’t believe my 12 Days of Christmas crafting event is almost over, and I really can’t believe I pulled it off!  I wasn’t thinking things through carefully when I scheduled it – with Thanksgiving, a visit from my inlaws, and one of my college sons coming home for over a week falling smack in the middle of the event, but I survived – I just pulled a lot of late-nighters to get everything done. I think I deserve to {Read More}

Festive Tin Can Gift – 12 Days of Christmas {Day 10}

Let’s face it – Christmas is an expensive holiday.  It’s hard enough to buy gifts for your immediate family, but when you add on a gifts for the teachers, and a gift for the hostess of the party you’re going to, and a gift for the great aunt, who you only see once a year, it can become outrageously expensive, and your fa la la starts to fade fast when you realize how long your gift-giving list is getting.  Don’t despair – you {Read More}

Wish List for Christmas Chalkboard

Welcome to day 9 of my 12 Days of Christmas event!  Did you hit the stores to find great deals on Black Friday?  I don’t like waking up so early in the morning to stand in the cold, so I never do, but I do need to get busy with my Christmas shopping, because I know the next month will fly by. For the last several weeks, my kids have been mentioning ideas of gifts they’d like for Christmas, and I told {Read More}

Burlap Christmas Banner Printable – 12 Days of Christmas {Day 8}

Before I show you the 8th project for my 12 Days of Christmas, I thought I’d share a little  about my Thanksgiving.  If there’s one thing that could be said about it, it was memorable.  That’s good, right?  Well – I’ll let you decide. As I mentioned before, my husband’s parents came to spend Thanksgiving with us.  As I’ve also mentioned before, I don’t like to cook.  I do it out of necessity, but I’m much more relaxed with a {Read More}

Glittered Letter Apothecary Bottles – 12 Days of Christmas {Day 7}

I know most people love glitter, but I rarely use it, because I end up with glitter in my hair, glitter glued to my table, and somehow even my animals end up sporting glitter, but there’s just something about the holidays that requires a little sparkle that only glitter can give. Today’s Glittered Letter Apothecary Bottle banner is super easy, and requires only a few supplies.

a Rustic Christmas Bushel Basket

 Welcome to Day 6 of my 12 Days of Christmas crafting celebration! Wheww… now I know how the elves feel, trying to get so many things made for Christmas!  They are probably smart, and start in January, instead of waiting until November to think, “maybe we should start working on Christmas projects now.”   I think I work better at the last minute than I do starting months in advance, anyway though. Today’s project involves this old bushel basket I got {Read More}

Rustic Sign for Christmas – 12 Days of Christmas {Day 5}

Rustic Sign for Christmas – 12 Days of Christmas {Day 5} The project I had planned for Day 5 of my 12 Days of Christmas was a bust.  It just wasn’t turning out as I’d envisioned it, so I was wracking my brains to come up with another project.  Then I realized I didn’t have a sign planned yet, and I love doing signs for Christmas.  While soaking in the bathtub later (a.k.a. my “office”), I looked up at the rustic {Read More}

Vintage Christmas Gift Tags, Labels and Stickers

Welcome day Day 4 of my 12 Days of Christmas celebration! If  you love vintage style, then this post is for you, and it’s something every single gift-giver needs – Christmas gift tags and labels! I love gifts that have an old-fashioned look to them, so I tweaked a few of my favorite antique images, and gave them a festive Christmas look, as printable vintage Christmas gift tags.  AJust print them, and add the to your wrapped gifts!  I even included a few that {Read More}

Nativity Silhouette Candle Holder – 12 Days of Christmas {day 3}

We don’t have recycling pickup, since we live outside the city limits, which is why you will frequently see projects created by me from things most people take to the recycling center – like tin cans and glass jars. That means I have lots of tin cans and jars to craft with…lots.  If you save glass jars too, this Day 3 project for my 12 Days of Christmas celebration is for you! I almost feel guilty calling it a “project”, because {Read More}