Fresh Herbs Kitchen Ideas Using Dollar Tree Plates + More

Fresh Herbs Kitchen Ideas Hey, everyone!  I’m back with a new Dollar Tree project.  This time it’s a Dollar Tree plates upcycle. With a couple of dollars, I came up with these DIY fresh herbs kitchen ideas.

Patriotic Tin Can Kitchen Herb Planters

Patriotic Tin Can Indoor Kitchen Herb Planters Make these patriotic kitchen herb planters as a tribute to the good ole’ Red, White and Blue! My obsession continues with tin cans.  My project ideas seem to be as never-ending as my supply of cans! Supplies I Used: Empty tin cans Dixie Belle Chalk Finish Paint in Barn Red, Fluff, and Yankee Blue Satin clear coat Lace trim (optional) Herb plants Foam paintbrush Directions: Paint the cans using a foam paintbrush.  I {Read More}

Herb Garden Kitchen Planter on a Cabinet Door & 15+ Repurposed DIY Planter Ideas

Turn an old cabinet door and bread pan into a farmhouse style indoor kitchen herb garden and drying rack. PLUS a Roundup of Repurposed DIY Planter Ideas I don’t have an outdoor herb garden, other than some mint that has spread all over the side of my house, but I keep several pots on my kitchen window sill. I wanted to find a way to get them off the window sill to make cleaning it easier, and so was born {Read More}

Rosemary & Thyme and a Garden Herbs Sign

I know I’ve climbed on this soapbox before, so please forgive me, but I’ve just got to gripe about it one more time. Why in the world do companies – especially companies that have been around  forever – switch from awesome product packaging made of metal with fantastic designs, to ugly plastic and boring designs?  Why, why, why? I’m sure there’s some bottom-dollar reason for it, and perhaps I’m part of a small percentage of the population that actually cares, but I {Read More}