Bedroom Design Ideas for My Farmhouse Style Bedroom

When we remodeled our bedroom with a British theme a few weeks ago, as a surprise for our son, that meant that my husband and I had to move into my son’s old room.  It’s very cramped with our queen bed and dresser in there, but the plan is to remove the wall between that room and the adjoining bedroom, and turn it into one large room.

Our bedroom at our old house in Missouri had a wonderful porch with doors from both the living room, and our bedroom to access it.  My husband and I often sat there in the evening, before we went to bed,  and I really miss that porch, so we also plan to make a door on the outer wall of our new bedroom, and add a porch.  Sorry for this awful photo – it’s from my very earliest days of blogging, but you can see the door going out to the porch.

Wood Plank Floors

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My parents are coming to visit at the end of this month, so we won’t start the remodel process until they leave, but I’m using this time to put together some bedroom design ideas, so I’ll be well-prepared once we start.

I know I’d like to go with a neutral palette, incorporating various shades of white.  I love the warm, white, tone on tone colors (and everything else) in this room.

NeutralTone on Tone


The bedroom we’re in has ancient linoleum on the floor, which we’ll be tearing out, but the adjoining room has the same type of old wood floor as we uncovered under the linoleum in our kitchen.

Wood Plank Floor

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Unfortunately, it has lots of chunks of wood missing, which means we won’t be able to just sand, stain and seal it – it will need to be painted.  We’ll probably go with either a dark gray, or white.  I really love this floor, but am a little nervous about whether every piece of dirt shows up on a white floor, so I haven’t reached a decision about that yet.

White Plank Floor


I’d also love to install one of the antique courthouse windows I still have left in my barn.  It’s the same as the one we used between our kitchen and living room.  These windows aren’t energy efficient, so we’d need to install a new one on the outside, then hang my antique one from the inside.  We’ll just have to find a new window that is about the same size.  We have a beautiful view of our pasture and the trees beyond it from that side of the house, so using one of these windows should flood the room with light, and offer beautiful scenery year-round.

Antique 6 Pane Window

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I absolutely love ticking, so I plan to use that as my bedding.  I already have a beautiful quilt that my mother in law made me,  that incorporates ticking around the borders of the embroidered blocks.

Embroidered quilt blocks

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I’ve talked my mom into making me another one, made of solid ticking, so I’ll have layers of ticking, that I plan to mix with my seed bag pillows.  When she comes for her visit, we’ll plan what I’d like it to look like.

ticking pillows {source}

I’m still trying to decide what to do about our bed.  It’s only a queen size, but the head and foot boards are really deep, so we lose about a foot of floor space because of them, so I’m batting around some alternative ideas for a headboard and may skip having a foot board altogether.

I do have an antique wood gate, and an antique cellar door, so I may install one of those on the wall to act as a headboard instead.  We used an old wood barn door as a headboard in our guest house and I love how it looks, but I’m not sure if the wood gate I have will be big enough. If not, I’ll see if the cellar door will work.

Barn Door Headboard

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If neither one of those will work, then I may just build a new headboard,  I really like this rustic shapely one, and it would be simple enough to build.

Rustic Wood Headboard


Gray cabinet


We’re finishing up the last of the projects that needed to get done in our living room, then I can’t wait to get started on our new bedroom!  Little by little, the rooms in our house are getting finished!


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  1. I love where you’re headed with the bedroom. May I make a suggestion for the floor? A couple of years ago I did an oak table that was in rough shape…cracks, etc., so I started with a heavy’ish coat of grey and then went over it with an average coat of white. I then sanded until the grey showed through in spots. Then sealed. Love it! It’s a mix of beach and barn.

  2. I like Maureen’s idea. Either way you will notice all of the dark dirt on a light floor, and all of the light dust on a dark floor. No matter what you do it will show, so go with what will put the smile on your face every time you walk into the room.

  3. I know you must be very excited to get your plans put in motion and finished. Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. Some truly lovely ideas! How exciting to do it all from scratch. Take your time.

  5. I love the tone on tone look, too. I did paint my kitchen floor in one of my homes dark gray…..every foot print, spec of dust and dog and cat hair showed, seemingly minutes after I scrubbed it, ugh, would not recommend it. I’m not sure about white either. I’ve now painted all the floors in my home BM’s Bennington Grey and it is such a great neutral. It goes so well with creams, whites, blush blues, greys, blacks and wood tones. Love the ticking, too. I always have it somewhere in my home. Enjoy your family guests!!

  6. How exciting, Angie! I love all of your ideas…a porch would be wonderful! Seeing all of these photos makes me want to spruce up MY bedroom! Can’t wait to see what you do…I know it’s going to be great !

  7. Any combination of these wonderful inspiration pictures will be lovely! Have fun!

  8. You are working so hard! I LOVE those old floor boards. Hope you discover more. Keep up the great work.

  9. I love white floors that are roughly painted white so they look really aged. Good luck! 🙂 Julie

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