Enamelware Pie Pan Pedestal Stand and a Beautiful Autumn Day

A few weeks ago when my parents were visiting, we went to an apple festival, where I brought home a few goodies from vendors.  One of my finds was this vintage enamelware pie pan.  I don’t run across enamelware pie pans as often as I find metal ones, so I was happy to find it.  My mom beat me to another one the vendor had, but I was glad she found something small she could easily transport home (especially since my son and I were riding back to NM with them, taking up space in their car – that trip is here).

enamelware pie pan pedestal stand

Turning them into pedestal stands makes them just as useful as the tiered stands my husband and I make, but on a shorter scale.

vintage enamelware pie pan stand

I love the way enamelware gets chips on the surface – it just adds to the charm of each piece.  This stand is available in my online shop here.{SOLD}

enamelware pie pan pedestal stand

Another old beauty I listed in my shop, is an antique map that shows the Western and Eastern Hemispheres

antique world map

It’s from the early 1900’s, and the paper has such pretty aging.  It’s available here.{SOLD}

antique world map

On a totally random side note, a few days ago, I shared a photo of my gravel road on a beautifully foggy fall day, so I wanted to show you how equally beautiful it looks on a bright and sunny fall day.  Aside from the dust stirred up by passing vehicles, I love my gravel road.  It’s beautiful year round.  On the other side of those hay bales, is the drive that leads to the old barn I shared an image of at the end of summer.

If you don’t have your own pretty country road, you can help yourself to mine!  I’ve made a free printable to share, without the watermark, here.

country road in Autumn via Knick of Time

 The funny thing was, I wasn’t intending to take another photo of the road.  I was trying to take a new photo of myself for my sidebar (they didn’t turn out well), and the road looked so pretty, I just snapped a quick a quick photo before going back in the house – glad I did!  I plan to print the image and frame it.

Here are the two views side by side.  It was so foggy the when I took the first photo, you couldn’t even see the hay bales further down the road.

Country Road in the Autumn

Hope you are having a wonderful week!  Please take a moment to leave me a comment, and let me know you dropped in to visit – I love hearing fro you all!

More free printable photographs can be found HERE.

Royalty Free Stock Photography

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  1. Really cute idea to lift it up… I may have to snag that! xxx….Brooke

  2. I just bought forty pieces of enamelware. I love your tiered stands, but I do not know if I could put a hole in one :>)) I guess I am a wimp like that.

    • Wow – lucky you, Donna! Several years ago, I bought a large lot that had probably 20 pieces in it, but I haven’t found another large lot since then. I usually buy mine one piece at a time now.

  3. Thank you Angie for all the joy you share. I’m so glad I found Knick of Time. I would like to share with you a ‘yard art’ project I put together with enamel dishes and pie plates …but I can’t seem to paste it here …:-)

  4. I am in love with enamelware and never pass a piece up under $5 (unless it is a pot- don’t know what to do with those!) I love how you turn them into usable pieces, and not just stuck in a cabinet unused! Great ideas!

  5. Wonderful goodies, Angie! I have some enamelware pie pans in grey tones, but love your blue! The photo of your road is really beautiful!

  6. Your road is beautiful! I love your blog and your creativity. Thank you for such great content.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful view of the road!
    And I appreciate your humble spirit so much.
    Best to you, Angie!

  8. Those two pix at the end of your blog should be framed. How peaceful it feels to look down that stretch of road. Thanx for sharing.

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