Springtime on a Country Road

I did so much whining about the cold during winter, that I figured I should try to give equal time singing the praises of spring.  I’m also trying to capture my beautiful country road in photos in all four seasons, and today was the most gorgeous day to take photos.  The weather was absolutely perfect, the birds were chirping, and on a day like this, all seems completely right with the world.

This image is available as a printable without my watermark HERE.

rural country road

The leaves have budded out on the trees, and look like they’ll be fully open soon.  I love the hay bales in the distance, and am glad the farmer didn’t end up needing them  The bales are sitting at the end of the drive that leads up to the beautiful old barn I’ve shared with you as a printable HERE.

I tried to play around with my camera and wanted to take a photo of the flowers (weeds) on the side of the road in focus, with the road in the background out of focus, but I got the background a little too blurry.  I’ll need to experiment with my settings and try again soon.

country road

I also photographed my road in the autumn (HERE), and those photos are some of my favorites.  When my in-laws were visiting for Thanksgiving, we got our first snowfall of the season, and I shot their Christmas card photos on the road, but I forgot to take a photo of the road by itself, and I’m kicking myself now, because the snow was fairly undisturbed and looked to peaceful and pretty.   My computer crashed that had their Christmas photo on it, but here’s a scan of the photo from their card.  See what a lovely photo of the road it would have been?

I’m not wishing for winter to come back any time soon, so I’ll just patiently wait for next winter to get that shot.

winter on a country road

Hope you are having a beautiful Spring weekend!



  1. Hi, Angie!
    Your photos are wonderful! Spring is so beautiful!
    Have a nice sunday!
    Greetings, Heike

  2. Diva Kreszl says

    How lovely, your lane is just gorgeous!

  3. It is sure lovely there, Angie…and a beautiful photo of your in-laws, too!

  4. These are beautiful photographs. I love the fall and fog one. It would be nice to frame all four seasons and display them. Also, that is a great picture of your in-laws. What a lovely couple.

  5. Marlene Stephenson says

    Nature is so beautiful in all seasons and you have caught it at its best.Good pic of your family,have a great peaceful sunday.

  6. Such a blessing to live by such a beautiful road…one that carries with it a special beauty during all seasons! Thank you so very much for sharing this lovely and serene place with us in your beautiful photos…I enjoyed looking at all of them! And what a fantastic Christmas card that image made for your inlaws…I’d be using that every Christmas, if I were them! 🙂

  7. YES, I enjoyed today’s post – DO IT AGAIN ANY TIME!!!!!!

  8. Beautiful shares here, Angie. We’ve lived in the country for 16 years already … 11 of them in this home. We love it, and more so now that Hubs is retired too! Everyday there is something new and fun! Have a great week.

  9. Beautiful photos! Loving the spring! Your in laws look adorable! Enjoy the beautiful weather! In the middle of painting the new coop on our farm! Yeeehaaaaw! The babies are ready to bust out of their tub! Their ready for the coop! One week to go! Take care,Cindy love your blog!

  10. Spring there is a little ahead of us, here in Michigan, altho’ we’ve had several days in a row of really warm, sunny weather, but now we’re in for a week of grey skies, lower temps and rain. But my row of daffodils along my driveway have bloomed as a result of the warm days and that is my sign that Spring is here.

    You are a good photographer, Angie. You have a great eye for composition. Regarding the image of the flowers w/the road behind, just set your f-stop at a higher number to increase your depth-of-field a bit. Try two or three f-stops above what you first used to get your desired result. Remember, the smaller your aperture or higher numbered f-stop, the more of your image will be in focus and vice versa. Hope that helps. Keep shooting!

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