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Vintage Inspiration Party #198 – Amazing Garden Shed, Eye Chart & More!

 Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party! The VIP is the place to share anything old, treasured, passed-down or tattered,and you can also share projects that were made to look old, including repurposed and upcycled creations.

Cleaning Tips from the Hate to Clean Queen

  Saying I “hate” to clean might be a bit of an overstatement. There are things I hate much worse…like lima beans, and root canals. Actually, it isn’t really that I hate to clean at all – it’s just that there are so many other things I’d rather do. When I actually make up my mind to do it, I’m an excellent house cleaner.  You just wouldn’t know it by the looks of my home, because I usually choose to {Read More}

Keeping Time – 5 Things I’m Crushing On + 1 that Freaks Me Out!

Just to mix things up and do something fun,  I thought I’d share 5 things I’m crushing on, and 1 thing that stresses me out.  You can join in – just leave me a comment with your 5+1 things! Let’s go…

As Easy as Pie

A few days ago I saw a photo taken “way back when” (I don’t know when). It was such a nostalgic photo. A family was sitting on their front porch – all together like. They were probably discussing how they’d spent their day, or sharing neighborhood gossip, and everyone was drinking sweat tea … because that’s what you do on front porches. It seemed so quaint – so yesteryearish.  It made me want to gather my family out on our front {Read More}

Farmhouse Friday #15 – Salvaged Wood Projects

Ohhhh… salvaged wood… Love songs should be written about you, stars should be named after you, tools should fight over the chance to be used on you,  Farmhouse Friday themes should be chosen in your honor … …Oh wait, that IS this week’s theme! 🙂 Whether it came from a barn, pallets or picket fences, we LOVE salvaged wood, don’t we? (you ARE shaking your head, “yes” right?) It has patina that is truly swoon-worthy, and its uses are limitless, so let’s take a look at {Read More}

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My New Farmhouse Kitchen Window Shelves

“Remember, you hate to dust”…      “Remember, you hate to dust”…          “ Remember, you hate to dust”… I chanted that to myself, as I decorated my new kitchen window shelves. My knees aren’t what they used to be, and getting up and down on a chair to clean the shelves above the windows is only something I will do…

Bugs, Grease, and an Antique Cutting Board

Old barns have the best stuff  in them, and there was a fair amount of stuff  in our barn when we bought our house. At first glance,  you wouldn’t have thought there was anything really worth keeping, but that’s what makes a barn a good mine – you have to dig for the good stuff, and you have to be willing to look beyond layers of dirt and, creepy crawlies, and spider webs. One of the things we uncovered was an old wooden crate. {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party # 197 – Childhood Memories, Vintage Lace Collar and DIY French Pitchers

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party! The VIP is the place to share anything old, treasured, passed-down or tattered, and you can also share projects that were made to look old, including repurposed and upcycled creations. vin-tage (adj.) 1.) used to describe something that is not new, but that is valued because of its good condition, attractive design, etc. 2.) used to describe something that has the best qualities or characteristics of the things made or done by a particular {Read More}

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Apparently back in the 70’s, the standard bet at a casino was $2, and most casinos in Vegas offered a 3-piece chicken dinner with a potato and vegetable for $1.79. So if you won a bet, you had enough money to get a chicken dinner, hence the expression, “winner winner, chicken dinner!” I’ve only been to a casino once in my life. We stayed at a campground owned by a casino, and you got $10 free to play at the casino {Read More}

Keeping Time

It was a quiet day at my house today.  The 3 oldest kids were all at work, and my teenager left to stay with a friend, so it was just hubby and I at home. I thought about going to the flea market, since I haven’t been there yet this year, but one look at the forecast convinced me that it wouldn’t be fun walking around during a downpour and thunderstorm. So, since I don’t have any great finds to {Read More}