As Easy as Pie

A few days ago I saw a photo taken “way back when” (I don’t know when).

It was such a nostalgic photo.

A family was sitting on their front porch – all together like.

They were probably discussing how they’d spent their day, or sharing neighborhood gossip, and everyone was drinking sweat tea … because that’s what you do on front porches.

It seemed so quaint – so yesteryearish.  It made me want to gather my family out on our front patio, and just to be all together like.

So I walked out to my patio, and every ounce of nostalgia disappeared in 3 seconds flat.

It was crazy hot and humid, and flies were buzzing all over.

Now, I’m not opposed to sweat…in moderation.

And I suppose flies have their place in the world (preferably another part of the world),

but I marched back into my house, and decided it was more comfortable to just look at nostalgic photos, rather than actually DO something that seemed so nostalgic.

See, there was a REASON those folks were gathered on their front porch, all together like, way back when …

They didn’t have air conditioning.  Plain and Simple.

Oh, I’m sure they loved each other and wanted to spend time together and all, but if they would have had air conditioning, you can bet they wouldn’t have been sweating like pigs, and swatting away flies – all together like.

So when I created this  sign with my newest stencil design, it made me think of something you’d see in a 50’s diner.

fresh pie sign

It made me want to bake a homemade  pie…while wearing an apron…with the windows open, and the curtains blowing in the breeze.

The smell  of apples and cinnamon would fill my home while it was in the oven, my family would be drawn by the smell, like bees to honey.

We’d all gather at the table, with a hot dish of apple pie and ice cream.

We were going to be so nostalgic… so all together like!

And then my nostalgic daydream bubble burst when I realized I’d have to turn on the oven on a crazy hot and humid day.

My air conditioner was already working overtime, trying to keep the house cool, and I wasn’t about to give up my cool house for a little nostalgia.  We could be all together like eating fresh baked pie from the bakery, right?  It was fresh baked…just not in my kitchen.

Plus…I don’t really like to bake pies.  Martha Stewart, I am not. 🙂

fruit pie sign

This stencil design is similar in style to the Flour Sack stencil, but this one is a little sweeter!

homemade pie sign stencil

I mixed together a few kinds of leftover paint to get this blue color, and painted a piece of salvaged board.

handmade sign

For the lettering, I used the new Chalk Based Paint from Vintage Storehouse Restoration Co, in the color “Cotton”.

I’ve been using their Chalk Paint powder for several years, so I was thrilled to hear they’ve also developed their own line of chalk based paint!  You’ll be seeing more projects I make with this paint in the future.

stenciled sign

I like “working” signs, so I added a few hooks so it can hold a rolling pin, pot holders, etc.

Making the sign was easy as pie – much quicker, easier and cooler than actually baking a homemade pie! rolling pin holder pie sign

 The HOMEMADE PIE Stencil is available HERE.

The sign is available in my online shop HERE.

DIY pie sign stencil

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Have a wonderful weekend!

signature 2

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  1. Oh my gosh Angie! You are so funny. AND, such a blessing! I love your ideas and they way you describe how you came about them (or not) Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Hi Angie,
    Just got done making four pies for our church picnic today! How appropriate that I sat down for a break and read your Sunday blog. I made two “Check me over for ticks Black Raspberry pies, one rhubarb, and “Life’s the Pits Cherry pie – expect some pits. I love your sign! Remember………pie fixes everything!! Have a great day!

  3. Hi Angie, I like to bake but I gave it up over the summer time. We have got 100°F and no A/C. Cooking feels like a punishment but despite the heat I like to have a “real” meal once a day. Your new stencil is wonderful and makes me want to have some pie with ice cream right now :).

  4. This was too funny, Angie!!

  5. Angie, you are so darn clever with wood and paint! I’ve just never learned to use tools other than a hammer and a screwdriver, but I so want to make something simple out of recycled wood. For some reason I just don’t know how to even begin. I guess one of my lacks is a good saw that is easy for me to use. What would that be? Would it have to be a power saw? They always scare me! But I don’t know if I have the strength in my arthritic hands to use a hand saw. Any advice? I guess I should go back and look at your tutorials. Anyway, I am inspired by your little projects, so keep ’em coming!

  6. Minerva Ortega says

    I like how you remolded your house I am thinking of reminding my house too country style that is neat I like your taste keep it up 🙂 Minnie

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