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I’ve only been to a handful of yard sales this year, but I hit a gold mine at the very first one I went to in the spring  It was my idea of a gold mine anyway!

There was a whole table full of old tools and I bought every one of them – and a tool box as well.  The more worn out a tool is, the more likely I am to get it cheap, and the less likely that anyone else will want it, so it was like these were there waiting just for me! 🙂

I didn’t dare take them out to my workshop, or they’d become lost in the abyss, so I left them sitting on the floor in my entryway, so I’d be reminded to actually do something with them, and not forget I had them.

There are SO many other old tools out in my workshop that have been neglected for far longer and I didn’t want these cuties to suffer the same fate.

I believe all of them are masonry tools, so I thought they would make great wall hooks for a man cave or workshop.

old tools


This red handled brick trowel is my favorite!  The metal has lots of patina, and that red handle is old tool perfection!


repurposed masonry tools

The two with wood handles are perfect for holding hand towels, and I added vintage coat hooks for extra hanging space.

repurposed old tools

I used E6000 to attach all of the pieces to the pallet wood, and let it cure for several days to make sure it would harden strong enough to keep the tools attached and hold towel weight on them.

old tools wall hooks


I added a scrap piece of pine board on the back of all the pallet wood pieces so they would be thick enough to screw the coat hooks into, as well as attach D-ring hangers to.

All 4 are available in my shop HERE.

repurposed tools

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  1. What awesome yard sales finds! Loving what you did with them.

  2. I never pass these up either…love what you did with them, Angie!

  3. I sooooooooo envy your clever mind, Angie…these are just darling! I love everything about them…the patina of the metal, the colour of the wood handles and how they have worn, and, of course, the way you have turned them into something beautiful and functional as is your forte…simply incredible!

  4. Great ideas!

  5. Picture this . . .

    Animal (from the Muppets) sitting at his drums, waiting for someone to say “Drums”.
    Well – I am Animal and you’ve just whispered “Drums”

    I absolutely adore these Tool Hooks.
    I cannot wait to make my own.
    Thanks Angie

  6. Fabulous use for old tools – love the vintage, rustic character of your wall hooks Angie!

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