Wooden Step Stool Makeover Vintage Truck Inspired!

Wooden Step Stool Makeover

Today I’m sharing a wooden step stool makeover, a quick and easy idea that you can use on a finished or unfinished step stool.  I used spray paint, but you can use your favorite type of paint.  You can make over one of these in about an hour.


This wooden step stool came with our RV when we bought it.  It looks to have been handmade.

wooden step stool

A few years later, I gave it a red paint makeover and used it as a Patriotic Food Stand.

pedestal serving tray

It was really cute until I started using it as a riser when doing paint projects.  So now it looks like this.

Bad, right?

My mom uses it in our guest room because the bed is kind of tall.  So I wanted to make it look nicer since she’ll be coming to visit.

After sanding off paint splotches, filling in the crack, and painting it black to resemble a chalkboard, I waxed it.

It’s as smooth as it’s going to get for an old stool!


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  1. Lightly sand wooden stool.
  2. Clean dust and debris from stool with tack cloth.
  3. Paint with 1 -3 coats for full coverage.
  4. Allow stool to dry completely.
  5. Using a transfer or stencil with chalk paste or paint, add farmhouse charm.
  6. Finish your project with a clear sealer.

See Chalk Couture 101 for step by step directions.

From this to this:

Chalk Couture vintage truck with hay bale black wooden stool by Knick of Time / knick of time.net

I will never again use this adorable stool as a paint riser.  It’s too cute now.

But I might use it by my bed when she’s not visiting!

Now I’ll show you how I changed my mind while working on this stool.

For those who love the color teal, I apologize in advance.

Teal chalk paste is a beautiful color, but I wasn’t liking it at all on this stool.  It was way too bright.
Plus, I realized I should have made the wheels touch the bottom edge because it looked like it was floating in mid air. ☹️
I tried closing the gap by putting words under the truck, but it just looked like it was popping a wheelie.
It was a good thing I waxed before chalking, so I was able to just wash off the paste.
Back to the drawing board! 😩
This time I used Morning Sky Chalkology Paste for the truck and Storm for the words, but I put the words on top of the stool and the truck at the bottom, like I should have the first time.
It needed something in the truck bed, so I added a bale of hay, just like we buy for our miniature horses.
I love how loose hay is flying out the back!
I hope my mom likes it as much as I do!
Farmhouse Vintage Truck Wooden Stool Makeover by Knick of Time / knickoftime.net
I don’t remember if I showed you this wood sign I finished weeks ago.  This one is a laundry room sign.

Rustic Wood Farmhouse Laundry Co. DIY Sign by Knick of Time

I used the Laundry Co. transfer with Black Chalk Paste.

Rustic Wood Farmhouse Laundry Co. DIY Sign made with Chalk Couture by Knick of Time

If I didn’t already have a Laundry Co. sign made with one of my Vintage Sign Stencils, I would hang this one.

Since I do, it’s available in my Etsy shop HERE.  I hope someone loves it as much as I do!

For my friends interested in Chalk Couture in Canada (British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan), use ID# 19626 to preregister HERE.

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