Farmhouse Charm | Easy Ways To Add It To Any Home

To add rustic Farmhouse Charm to any home from mason jars, wood totes, and farmhouse tables, I’ve put together these easy DIY ideas that anyone can recreate.

You can add a little rustic farmhouse look no matter what your budget is.  Who doesn’t love that relaxed down-home look you get from well-worn decor?  I know I love it and always have.

How to add Rustic Farm house Charm to any Home by Knick of Time

Vintage farmhouse decorating on a budget is easy if you scout thrift stores and yard sales.  Remember, you can paint anything, like this yard sale glass cabinet made over with paint and a stencil.

How to give a glass yard sale cabinet farmhouse style with paint and a stencil -

I love a farmhouse table, especially when it starts out as a thrift store find.  (Pedestal Table Makeover)

A little elbow grease and paint and you can turn outdated stuff into a refreshed piece of furniture!

Even things from the recycle bin can have farmhouse charm with basic supplies.  You probably have everything needed to make a tin can kitchen organizer.

DIY Repurposed Recycled Crafts Tin Can Organizer by Knick of Time

Clothing worn out or doesn’t fit?  Try turning it into a farmhouse wall pocket.

Repurposed Jeans

How many ideas can you come up with for a wood tote?

  1. Fill it with flowers or anything and put it on the kitchen table.
  2. A great place for paper towels.
  3. Magazine storage.
  4. Coffee station.
  5. Candle holder.
  6. Seasonal decor holder.
  7. Garden tools storage.
  8. Hang it on the wall and use it for a hand towel holder.

OK, you get the point! 😉

handmade mason jar wood tote -

Tape, paint, and a glass bottle are all that’s needed to make an adorable vintage-style farmhouse bottle.

DIY tape image transferrepurposed Starbucks glass bottle

Check your local Restore shop, auctions, and even yard sales for old wood doors.  Transform one to make a farmhouse bench.

Farmhouse bench from repurposed door by Knick of Time Farmhouse decor blog

Don’t forget dollar stores can have some farmhouse decor for just a few dollars or less.  (Dollar Store Pallet Planters)

Create a Rustic Farmhouse Pallet Indoor Garden Using Dollar Tree Galvanized Planters. See how at Knick of Time |

Tiered stands are a favorite.  I’ve been making and selling them for years with my husband.

Farmhouse style tiered stands for the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room with DIY tutorial |

Can you think of other ways to add farmhouse charm on a budget?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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  1. So many lovely farmhouse accents, Angie! You have created some great things!

  2. Constance Colvin says

    You have a LOT of ideas and the energy to put them to use!

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