Cheese Cloche Upcycled Into Mini Pumpkin Patch

There are certain things that I always find at thrift stores.  Nearly every time I go, I find a cheese cloche or dome tray.

What do you call them?

After pondering what to do with one I found several months ago, I finally knew what I would do with it.

A centerpiece for fall or winter.

And I set out to do just that!

Cheese Cloche Upcycled Into Pumpkin Patch Centerpiece

How to Upcycle a Cheese Cloche

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Spray Paint Cheese Tray Base

Whenever I spraypaint, I like to do it outdoors in the grass using several very light coats for better coverage.

The grass will get mowed, so overspray won’t matter.

This time I tried Rust-Oleum Chalked spray paint in linen white.

I wanted to give it a “test drive” and it worked great.  I would buy it again.

Distress Base

Distressing is totally optional.

Some like a worn look; some don’t.  I do!

Distressed Cheese Cloche Tray

Add Design to Cheese Cloche Base

You could totally leave it with just painting, but dressing up a cheese cloche up is more fun!

There are many ways to add a design to the base.  Scrapbook paper or fabric cut into a circle is one option.

I added a clock face to one I did several years ago.

DIY Cheese dome fall craft

But I really like the Mini Buffalo Plaid transfer that I used on my Small Side Table, so that’s the method I chose.

I used Black Velvet Chalk Paste and a Small Squeegee to make the design on the base.

It turned out great!  Even better than I hoped.

Buffalo Plaid Cheese Cloche Base

It looked so cute!  All fall looking.

Now for a little pumpkin patch …

Tiny Pumpkin Patch in Cheese Cloche Tray by Knick of Time

Too darn sweet!

Nothing is safe from the mini buffalo plaid pattern!

Available in my Etsy shop HERE.

Cheese Cloche Dome Fall Decor Little Pumpkin Patch Centerpiece by Knick of Time

Cheese Cloche Repurposed Into Fall Craft Mini Pumpkin Patch by Knick of Time |

See Small Side Table Upcyled in Black and White Buffalo Check.

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Thank you so much!

Cheese Cloche Upcycled Into Mini Fall Pumpkin Patch by Knick of Time |

Vaya con Dios,


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  1. Angie, it’s really cute and a clever idea. I think it needs a pop of color, though. Like an orange candle in the center. What do you think? Maybe you are going for more of a neutral look, but I would add some color. I love the idea, though. I think I gotta get to the thrift store!

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