Make Rustic Christmas Shelf with Scrap Wood

Well, with Thanksgiving behind us, it’s now the time that sends terror into the hearts of procrastinators around the world (like myself). It’s officially the Christmas season. It’s officially the Christmas season and I haven’t bought one. single. gift. … No, not one. So, did I rush out to hit Black Friday sales today?

Grain Sack Christmas Stockings

Grain Sack Christmas Stockings via Knick of Time.

Repurposed Book Pages…The Stockings Were Hung

Last week, I showed you the antique headboard that I turned into a coat rack.  I listed it in my shop, but figured it might not sell for awhile, so I decided to keep it in my living room and use it to hang my family’s Christmas stockings on.  I wanted to add something vintage Christmasy-looking to the center of the headboard, so I drew a small stocking template, then used it to cut a bunch of little stockings out {Read More}

Primitive Christmas Stockings & Evil Elves

I think we have evil elves living in our attic,  who are Christmas decoration thieves. Every year, our family somehow has the knack for losing Christmas decorations. Seriously, how do you lose Christmas decorations? I mean, I pack them all up at the same time, and logic would dictate that I put them all in the same place – it’s not like we live in a mansion. But it’s the same story every year – things are missing. This year we {Read More}