Antique Alphabet School Book Page Sign

I warned you a few days ago that I’m a slow learner, and all the troubles I had with my bakery sign didn’t teach me my lesson not to choose elaborate fonts to cut out on vinyl with my Silhouette machine.  I truly expected this project to be a failure and probably be a total waste of time, but I felt compelled to try it anyway. Here’s why.  I bought an adorable 1895 school primer.  It is filled with some {Read More}

Thrift Store Magazine Rack and a Silhouette Tutorial

I’ve had several people comment that they bought a Silhouette Cameo, but haven’t figured out how to use it, and  since I used it on the project I’m sharing with you today, I’m including a tutorial for how I did it. Okay – about this project!  There’s pros and cons to being a stockpiler.  The good thing is, I usually have on hand what I need to work on projects, because I have a little of everything.  The downside is, I {Read More}

Farmhouse Dairy Sign, a Mini Version and Some Silhouette Tips

I enjoyed creating the Milk & Cream Co. sign so much, I thought I’d create another dairy sign.   I decided to look for another design to put on it. I searched the internet for inspiration and came across this antique business card.  I love the various font styles on it. {source} Once again, I removed the background and removed some of the wording, to come up with this image. This design proved to be very tricky for the Silhouette {Read More}

Milk and Cream Co. Sign

I’m usually pretty happy if a project turns out close to what I’ve envisioned in my mind, but every once in awhile, a project turns out even better than I’d hoped. This is one of those rare projects. I was inspired by a Milk and Cream Co. image that I found on Pinterest.  I never could find determine who the original source of the image was, but I love the font and simple wording, and based on the concept, I made this {Read More}

My First Silhouette Project

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m no rocket scientist, but I’m feeling like one today.  I made this…yes, I did!  Now, this might not sound like a huge deal, but I’m going to tell you why it’s such a huge deal to me.  Bear with me, because this gets a little long-winded – but for once, I actually remembered to photo-document the process, step by step. You see, it all started last summer, when I went to visit my {Read More}