Brown and Blah to Farmhouse Style Thrift Store Lamp Makeover

Farmhouse Style Thrift Store Lamp Makeover I made a quick run into the thrift store last week hoping to find some old metal fryer baskets like the ones I have hanging in my kitchen.  But I walked out with … a lamp.  Does that happen to you? It happens with me All. The. Time! I didn’t think I really needed a lamp, but but the price good, so in the cart it went. What clinched the deal for me though was {Read More}

How to Make Simple Farmhouse Decorative Pillows, a Few Tips & a New Video

In my opinion, some words should be eliminated from the English language.  “Throw pillows” is one of them, and only “decorative pillows” should be allowed. Let’s think about it.  The word decorative is an adjective.  It’s a harmless adjective that describes things. But the word throw?  That’s a verb.      And my family takes their verbs seriously.

Glass Door Cabinet Makeover + Tips!

I just finished a new project, and while I’m sharing it, I thought I’d give some tips on how to spray paint a design on glass with stencils, because it opens up so many more possibilities of ways to use your stencils. A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to a neighborhood yard sale, where I picked up this little cute little cabinet.  I found it at the first stop we made, and loved the curved top around the glass {Read More}