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Antique Certificate of Marriage Printable

This beautiful certificate of marriage is from the early 1900’s.  It would make a wonderful framed gift with the names and date filled in for a wedding gift, but could also be paired with a wedding photo and given as an anniversary gift. Enjoy! {CLICK ON IMAGE TO SAVE & PRINT FULL SIZE}   Get more free printable Antique Graphics HERE.

Royal Baking Powder Advertisement Printable

 Here is a wonderful antique advertisement printable for Royal Baking Powder.  It came from a magazine from the 1920’s.  This would make a fun image to print and use on a label on jars or cans for kitchen decor. You can find more antique kitchen advertisement printables HERE.  CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE ANTIQUE ADVERTISEMENTS

Making Antique Style Apothecary Bottles

Over the summer, I brought home several boxes filled with old bottles.  There were old medicine bottles, perfume bottles, alcohol bottles, and soda bottles – just about any kind of bottle you can imagine.  I sold some of them in my shop, but hadn’t decided what to do with the rest, so I put them back in the boxes, and promptly forgot about them, until I was decluttering this week and stumbled across them.

Spicing up an Antique Sewing Table Drawer

 Does salvage make you feel just a wee bit giddy?  I’m really not a giddy kind of gal, but when I see something made of old wood that is broken, my heart rate speeds up a bit!  I know a lot of people are sensitive when comes to antique pieces, and don’t like to see them painted or repurposed, but when I find something that is broken, I feel okay about tinkering with them.  This cute little drawer was originally the {Read More}

Pallet Wood Wall Rack for Coats, Hats and Storage

Remember my repurposed books coat rack that I made last year?  Well, it’s been hanging in our entryway, and my husband uses it to hold his hats.  It looks great there, but the reason I hung those pretty vintage dictionary pages on the wall is that what’s underneath them is very flimsy paneling.  I had hoped the paneling would be strong enough to support the weight of the books, but it wasn’t, and the screw holding one side kept stripping out of the paneling {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party #173 – Valentines Decor!

Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party! We have lots of Valentines Decor Features you’ll love this week! Your links will show up on 4 blogs, so your linka get lots of exposure! This is the place to share anything old, treasured, passed-down or tattered, but you can also share projects that were made to look old, including repurposed and upcycled creations.   vin-tage (adj.) 1.) used to describe something that is not new but that is valued because of {Read More}

Clock Printables – Reader Featured Projects

I don’t mention it often enough, but I have a special page, called, “Reader Featured Projects“, where you can share projects you’ve created using graphics from Knick of Time.  There were some really lovely clock printables images that were added recently, by Wings of Wimsy.  She created them using my chippy clock image (found here).  There are two sets of each image below, which can be added to a cd, or printed as small tags, and has them available as free {Read More}

Book Page Photo Backdrop

I like to have a variety of photo backdrops to use, and one of my favorite backdrops has always been the Bible page walls in my living room, seen above my favorite wooden table. We rearranged our living room some time ago, and my piano desk now sits in front of that wall, and I’ve missed being able to use those pages as a photo backdrop, so I decided to make one that is easy to pull out when I need it. {Read More}

Vintage Cradle Makeover

After sharing the adorable little toddler’s chair with you recently (which sold!), I felt motivated to work on this vintage cradle I bought during the summer.    I brainstormed a few ideas about turning it into something different, like a shelf, but I finally decided to update the look with paint, and add a little detail. I used Prairie Sunset color by Fusion Mineral Paint that is such a soft, pretty yellow.  I did just a bit of distressing to keep its {Read More}

Upcoming Projects

In the midst of all the cleaning and decluttering I’m doing around my house, I need to take lots of breaks to keep my sanity, so I thought I’d share a few upcoming projects I’m working on in between. This drawer came from the front of an antique sewing machine table.  It’s very pretty, but is missing the decorative side pieces, so I’m working to transform it into something new and useful.  I’m also working on the sewing machine table base, but {Read More}