Christmas Cards Printables – Winter Watercolor Barn

Normally we take our family photos to include in Christmas cards during the summer.

Every year, it’s a fiasco.

Watercolor Barn Printable Christmas Cards -

Seriously, I think my family plots together how they can make it as difficult as possible for me to take a decent photo.  I’ve whined enough about it in the past, but if you’re new here, or just want to read about my past family photo ordeals, here you go…

{2014 Family Photo Ordeal}

{2013 Family Photo Ordeal}

The agony goes back much further than that…I just didn’t blog about it before then. 🙂

Anyway, to make a long story short, we didn’t get our photos done this summer before my middle son left for college, so I warned my family that we’d have to do it when he comes home for Thanksgiving.

I’m hoping that doesn’t completely kill our thankful attitudes, but if they don’t cooperate, I’ll have to pull out the big guns…

We’ll get our photo taken with Santa.

Yes…all 6 of us together with the jolly old elf.

That threat should make them cooperate!

In the meantime, I wanted to have the cards ready, so I could just get everyone to sign them (which takes at least a week!), and slide the photos in when they are done.

Rather than buy cards, I decided to design my own, with my favorite old red barn photo that I took earlier in the spring.

{Red Barn Printable Photo}

If you recall, I turned that image into a watercolor image, and put it on a pillow.

{Watercolor Barn Printable & Pillow} 

The only problem is, that photo looks too summery to use, so through the magic of photo editing, I removed most of the green and turned it into a scene that looks a bit more winterish – complete with snow flurries, and they are available as free printable Christmas cards for you too!

There are two styles available.

{Click here to download each of them.}

The first has just the barn image, and is blank inside.

Old barn watercolor Christmas cardprintables -

The second has “From our Family to Yours, Merry Christmas” above the image, and is also blank inside.

Watercolor Christmas Cards -

I’m also including the barn image as a printable that can be framed, or turned into gift tags.  Click on the image below to download and print it.

winter watercolor barn download

You can even turn the image into a Christmas ornament!  Just print it wallet size.  I attached it to kraft card stock paper, and  “stitched” around it with a white paint pen.

watercolor barn handmade Christmas ornament at the Welcome Home for Christmas Tour at KnickofTime -

I hope you enjoy them!

If you enjoyed these Christmas cards, browse more of my Christmas posts, projects and printables here.


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  1. Thank you Angie! I love this painting!!


  2. Thank you Angie! That is so sweet and kind of you to share a free printable! I just love your creativity! I know, getting family pictures can be daunting!

  3. Thank you Angie! That is so sweet and kind of you to share a free printable! I just love your creativity! I know, getting family pictures can be

  4. You’re so generous to share your beautiful artwork, Angie! Hope the family cooperates for picture time …. I feel your pain! Cynthia

  5. Hello Angie … what a nice thing to do. I LOVE old barns.
    I would love to print gift cards or Christmas cards to use this year. Thanks very much.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  6. Thank you Angie~ For all that you share with us. This is a beautiful winterscape for the Christmas season.
    When I send these out I will include your name and blog name on the back.

  7. Brilliant idea for your Christmas card, but Im sure you must have been talking about my family. I’ve never seen a more angry group when it come to photos. It’s a misserable mess to do a photo shoot here too. I feel for you!

  8. Such a great image and so nice of you to share it!
    I send you all the best wishes for a conflict-free Christmas card photo session.

  9. This is a wonderful idea…thanks so much for sharing it!

  10. I love everything about your barn photo, Angie. What a blessing that you’ve shared it with all of us–thanks! And thanks for bringing it to Vintage Charm as well.

  11. This image is sheer perfection and you are extremely sweet and generous to share it with us!

  12. The link for the red barn Christmas dowload doesn’t work for me Angie. Says it has been removed.

  13. Karen Caldwell says

    Fortunately, my oldest son is a master at Photoshop otherwise our Christmas family pic would be a disaster.

    Is your barn Christmas card image still abailable for download?

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