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Talk of the Town #72

It was a busy, but wonderful weekend for my family. My niece got married yesterday and all of my kids and two of my sons’ fiancées were there, so it was wonderful having our entire family together for the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding from start to finish.  Everything looked wonderful and my niece was a gorgeous bride.  I’ll be sharing one of the projects I made for her wedding tomorrow and a few other projects as well, along with {Read More}

Flea Market Style Book Giveaway

Welcome to our Flea Market Style book giveaway! If you’re new here, I’d first like to say WELCOME and Happy Mother’s Day! Enter to win a copy of Better Homes and Garden’s best selling book, Flea Market Style. This giveaway is for new email subscribers and existing subscribers as well.

Vintage Cutting Board Kitchen Chalk Board

Vintage Cutting Board Kitchen Chalk Board Here’s a little randomness I learned this week … Did you know a group of cats is called a clowder and a litter of kittens is called a kindle? That has absolutely nothing to do with today’s project, but we have two new baby kittens (which I’ll share more about later), and my daughter told me that random bit of trivia, so of course I had to share it. 🙂 Okay, back to my {Read More}

What’s New in Affordable Farmhouse Style Decor

What’s New in Affordable Farmhouse Style Decor I’m on the road again, on my way to my niece’s wedding. It’s a long drive, but I’m so excited for her and am so glad my entire family (+ two fiancées) will all be together to celebrate her special day with her. It’s going to be a short trip because everyone has to get back to work, and we’ll hit the ground running helping with last minute projects as soon as we arrive. {Read More}

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Style Mug Rack Coffee Station

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Style Mug Rack Coffee Station Get your daily java “fix” with this DIY vintage sign coffee station & mug rack! Last year I made a  reclaimed wood industrial pipe shelf.  I had it all set up as a coffee station, complete with hooks for coffee mugs and all the coffee fixings. You can’t go wrong with rustic wood and metal and I was in love with how it turned out.   But if I let you in on {Read More}

Talk of the Town #71

Lots of fun things have been happening in our family recently. First, my daughter brought home two baby kittens last week that had been abandoned. They have been a delightful source of entertainment.   Then my husband and I spent a few days in the Ozarks with my middle son and his fiance.

Wooden Spoons Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Art

Wooden Spoons Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Wall Art Before I share today’s project, I’ve got a question for you. What kinds of things do you collect? If money were no object, there are so many things I’d love to collect, like antique quilts. But, alas, money IS an object, so I’m a cheapo collector. 🙂 In fact, the most money I think I’ve ever spent on something I love to collect was a whopping $18 for an antique ironstone pitcher. I {Read More}

Clementine Wooden Crate Floral Centerpiece

Clementine Wooden Crate Floral Centerpiece Step-by-step tutorial to turn a Darling Clementines crate into a charming & cheery tabletop centerpiece that is waterproof inside and can be replanted as the seasons change. If you’re a longtime follower of my blog, you may remember the clementine crate makeover I did several years ago. I spotted another one at a thrift store, but they were using it as a holder for comic books they were selling. What a waste of a darling crate! I was {Read More}

Farmhouse Window Box and Guest House Flower Bed | Junk Garden Series

Farmhouse Window Box and Guest House Flower Bed Junk Garden Series Project #5 I hope you aren’t tired of seeing my junk garden decor, because I’m still plugging along with a few more projects. This week I worked on a small flower bed in front of my guest house, and I love how it turned out.

Beach Decor and More | Talk of the Town #70

I’d happily trade the wet and soggy weather we’ve had for days for a bright and sunny beach.  So I’m loving the beach decor, outdoor projects, and furniture makeovers we have to show you this week, and I think you will too! Welcome back to Talk of the Town! First, let’s take a look at what you may have missed from your party hosts! Bottled Drinks Rustic Pantry Storage Crate New Farmhouse Vintage Sign Stencils with Meat Market Sign and {Read More}