Knick of Time Fall Guest House Tour + 5 Easy Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

It’s Fall Guest House Tour Time!

Happy first day of Fall!

I’m so glad you dropped by.

Can I start by asking you a question?

Should I call my guest house a house, or a room?

It’s technically a detached building, so that makes it a house.

But it has no kitchen, bathroom, or closets, so that makes it a room.

What would you call it?  I’ll let you decide!

Fall Farmhouse Guest Room Tour with Easy Decorating Ideas |

With three weddings, a lot of traveling, and my son staying in my guest house all summer, my guest house was neglected for awhile.

I’ve been counting the days until I could share it, all decorated for fall, and the day is finally here.

Come on in for a visit …

Fall Guest House Tour + 5 Easy Farmhouse Style Decorating Ideas |

Before I get started though, if you’ve never seen what the guest house looked like, when it was still a shed, go see it HERE first.  You’re in for a shocker!

Can you believe it’s the same space?  I have to look back now and then to remind myself just how bad it was.

Here are 5 of my favorite farmhouse decorating ideas mixed in with the tour.

Shop your Home to Decorate for Fall | 5 Easy and Inexpensive Tips |


No matter how great a coupon or sale, the best bargains aren’t found on store shelves, but are in our own homes.  We just need to mix things up and look for new ways and spaces to use them in.

grabbed the pitchers that normally hang as a faux kitchen valance, and the mason jars from off the kitchen window shelves. and they seem like new finds when used in a different space.

I’ve used the antique ladder in the room ever since we remodeled it, and I never get tired of it.

I have an entire pumpkin patch on my fall back porch, so I only had a few to use in the guest house.  But I wanted to focus on plaids and neutral colors this time.

Repurposed Ladder Shelves in a Farmhouse Guest Room |

I used the cast iron lanterns in my outdoor summer tour several years ago and still love them so much.

5 Easy and Inexpensive Farmhouse Decorating Tips |

I bought the cream pail at an antique store a few weeks ago.  It’s one of my favorite purchases.

Fall Farmhouse Guest Room Tour with Easy Decorating Tips |


Pine cones, acorns, and roadside flowers are free for the picking.  I found corn across our gravel road.  The funny thing is, only soybeans were planted this year, but a few random corn grew next to the road.  The tassels were perfect to fill the pail with.

Decorating with Natural Elements for Fall |


I used a vintage paper basket to hold a stack of old books.

And that takes me to tip #4 …

New Ways to Use Old Things + Farmhouse Style Decorating Ideas |


I stack them, lean  them, group them by colors, and set decor on top of them.  I never pay more than $1 or $2 for them at thrift stores, so they are bargain decorations.

Farmhouse Decorating Ideas | Decorate with vintage finds on thrift store book stacks |


My antique oil heater was a rusted old mess before I painted it, and the military trunk was ugly and broken before fixing and painting it.  Paint can be your BFF. 🙂

Farmhouse Decorating Tips | Don't be afraid to paint antiques that are worn out and look bad |

The only thing I purchased for this room for fall was a beautiful flannel bedding set and a magnolia wreath.

Fall Guest House Tour + 5 Easy Farmhouse Decorating Ideas I hope you enjoyed my fall guest house tour.  Don’t forget to tell me what I should call this space in the comments below, and let me know your best farmhouse decorating tips too!

I’d also love for you to join me on Facebook and Instagram.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today!

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Vaya con Dios,

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  1. Charlotte Hansen says

    I would call it a room since there’s no en-suite bathroom or teeny kitchen.
    We stayed in a guest house in Maine that had both, and had a tiny loft reachable by a ladder that had 2 air mattresses.

    • I thought about trying to add bunk beds and renting out to hunters, but room is small and I was afraid it would be too cramped. The guest house you stayed in sounds so charming, Charlotte!

  2. Sherri Maher says

    Your cottage looks wonderful Angie!

  3. Angie,
    LOVE your little cottage!! I am a lover of Red so I adore the bedding!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  4. Great transformation ! If you should ever decide to expand even a little you might consider an incinerator toilet.
    I spent the first week of married life in a cabin in New Hampshire that had one called an incinerator. I googled it just now and there are all kinds . Theirs needed no running water and just torched everything to ash. Beats the heck out of a trip to an outhouse ! I would also shop around.

    • I’ll look into that, Sara. We actually could expand it. There’s water in the workshop that is connected beind one of the walls,so it’s large enough to be a small house all together.


    You can call it a bunkie!

  6. I would call it adorable!
    Guest cottage, The Cottage, either one, it’s so cute.

  7. I like the word cottage also!!! Love your Fall look especially the flannel bedding and every thing else blends in beautifully!!!

  8. I too love the reds. Your decorating style is so relaxing. How about “Guest Cabin”!!! Blessings and smiles 😊

  9. So pretty, Angie! I love the new bedding and cute pillow…as well as all of the natural elements you brought in! My favorite is the beautiful yarrow in the white pitcher…love!

  10. It’s so pretty and cozy! I would call it a guest room 🙂

  11. Naomi Shelton says

    I think you should call it a “guest house” because it’s a separate building from your home. If you were a prospective guest or renter what would come to mind first if you called it a “guest room”? I would think you were talking about a guest bedroom in your house. Therefore, the more accurate description is “guest house”. But you might not agree with that so I think you should call it whatever the heck you want! Perhaps “country cottage”.
    What do you think? It sure is cute with the plain bedding. I can’t remember, is it heated? It looks so cozy, I can’t imagine it being cold!

  12. I would call it Mom’s home away from home. Love it.

  13. I think I land on the “cottage” side. It’s so charming and cozy looking.
    And I would so like to decorate using the elements of nature around me but……the drought killed almost everything in my yard and for some reason my neighbor gets cranky if I head towards her hydrangeas with a pair of clippers in hand. Odd.

  14. Except for not having a toilet I would love to hide out in your cottage room. We lived in our 24 ft. travel trailer a few times for months at an end, loved the easy life style. Kinda hated to move into a regular house. But then think I might have some gypsy in me, lol. Also loved going with Mr. Furry in his 18 wheeler for weeks or months at a time. Your guest cottage room is perfect, you’ve furnished it quite stylishly. Love the red bedding, makes it look so cozy. Enjoy rest of week

    • We had some friends who lived in their motor home for several months with a teenager and a very large dog, Jane Ellen. I’d love to do a cross-country trip in ours if we ever get it remodeled and running well.

  15. I think I would call it “Backyard Bunkhouse”.

  16. Charming Cottage – that’s what I’d call it. It’s so cozy and I love the way you’ve decorated it- makes me want to come and stay.

  17. I would call it a guest room. It is so cozy and charming. I love the red bedding and the farmhouse accents.

  18. Your guest space is great. No matter what you decide to call it, it is lovely to be able to offer such a warm and charming place for your guests to stay.

  19. Kir butler says

    I love that stay cozy pillow! Did you make it?

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