Spice Rack Makeover: Thrift Shop Flip

I’ve said before that I’m a sucker for gingham, so when I spotted this vintage spice rack, filled with jars that had gingham lids, at a thrift store – it was a given that it was coming home with me.   I wasn’t crazy about the color of the wood, and it looked a bit blah, but the shape reminded me of the wall shelf I made over last year with a Milk & Cream Co. image on it, so {Read More}

DIY Farmhouse Decoupaged Galvanized Bucket

DIY Farmhouse Decoupaged Galvanized Bucket I promised I’d show you the project I made using one of the milk cap image printables I shared yesterday, so I got up early this morning to take photos of this decoupaged bucket in the kitchen, when the sunlight is so pretty shining through the window.

Dairy Milk Caps Free Printable Images

I’ve got a new batch of dairy milk cap images for you today! Those of you who have visited my blog for awhile know I love old dairy milk bottle caps.  I just can’t resist them, and I’ve brought home quite a few new ones in the last few weeks that I thought you would like. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a project idea that I made with one of these images, so be sure to save them to your computer now! 🙂

Vintage Dairy Bottle Caps

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I did, but I’m exhausted and stiff.  Last weekend we drove to New Mexico to attend my oldest niece’s high school graduation celebration, and we just got home a little over an hour ago.  My husband did all the driving, bless his heart, but I’m still wiped out from being in the car all night, and a good chunk of today.  I loved spending time with our  my families, but it’s {Read More}

Printable Antique Milk Caps

When I went to Arkansas last week, there was only 1 antique store in the town where I visited, but I found some goodies to bring home, including quite a few antique milk caps.  This grouping all have green in them.  I’m working on a project right now with one of these images, and hope to get it finished to show you later in the week.  Wish me luck because I’m only about halfway through, and can’t tell how it will turn out {Read More}

Antique Graphics – Printable Milk Cap Images and Project Ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love antique milk caps.  They are just one more example of how packaging was so much better in the old days, than it is today.   They are fun to collect, but the images are also wonderful to use on crafts and projects. You can print them out, punch a hole in them and put a string through them to use as gift tags.  You can turn them into iron-on transfers for flour {Read More}

Antique Milk Cap Image

Did you know January 11th is National Milk Day?  I didn’t either…I Googled it to see if there was such a thing, and there is, so I thought I’d share this cute antique milk cap image with you this week.  I never tire of seeing all the different graphics found on old milk caps.  I’ve removed all the background on this milk cap, so you can layer this image over other images.  You can find more antique milk cap images {Read More}

Antique Milk Bottle Caps – Royalty Free Printables

I love old milk bottles and their printed caps have such a wholesome, yesteryear look, so I thought it would be fun to share a few I have with you. The nice thing about having the image of the real thing is that although milk caps are small, you can take the image and make it much larger, so there are a lot of projects you could use the images for. I like the red, white and blue colors on {Read More}