Brown Paper Number Tags

I told you last week you might be seeing more brown paper projects, because I’m on a brown paper kick right now.  I decided to challenge myself to see how many projects I can come up with using it.  I don’t know if I’ll do it all year, but I’ll do it as long as it’s still fun! This time, I made some adorable alphabet and number tags.  Technically, I used brown craft cardstock paper, not regular grocery bag kind of paper, although {Read More}

Rustic Brown Paper Pot

Sometimes new projects are a huge success, and other times, they are a dismal failure.  Today’s project turned out wonderful, but only because another project was a dismal failure first.  Last year about this time, I made a canvas bucket bag (seen here), which I absolutely loved, and I always thought it might be possible to make something similar out of brown paper, and I decided I would attempt it.  My husband walked in while I was working on it, {Read More}

A Few Little Scraps

“Stop hoarding and start using”, was my motto over the weekend and it was raining anyway, so I got busy.  My house isn’t much cleaner, but I did come up with some projects to make a dent in the fabric and paper scraps that are threatening to overrun my house and office. I love fabric scraps and save nearly all of them, but I don’t own a sewing machine. I needed a project that didn’t require one, so I made {Read More}