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Keeping Time – a Repurposed Chair and Horse Business

Normally today would be Farmhouse Friday, but I went to lunch and ran errands with my daughter and didn’t get it finished, so I thought I’d talk about something else… So did I mention our pasture flooded a few weeks ago? If I did I forgot, so I’m assuming you did too. Anyhow, the water was so strong, it carried grass and branch debris  over the fence wires, which was so heavy it broke the fence. What does that have to {Read More}

Mrs. Claus Makes a Comeback!

I’m squeaking in at the last minute, but what’s July without at least one Christmas in July post, right? 🙂 Last year, I decided that  Mrs. Claus deserved a moment in the spotlight, since her hubby normally gets all the attention.  I made a sign in her honor and it was so well-liked that she now has her own Christmas stencil design as well. Mrs. Claus stencil available to purchase HERE.

Work and Play

Today I just couldn’t focus. I had one project on my kitchen table, and another project on my kitchen counter, and parts of projects scattered on the floor and my desk, but at least one step of every project was giving me grief, and I was getting cranky.  Normally I love working on my projects, but today it all just felt like work.

Vintage Inspiration Party # 199 – Repurposed Shutters, French Ledger Tags & more!

  Welcome back to the Vintage Inspiration Party! The VIP is the place to share anything old, treasured, passed-down or tattered, and you can also share projects that were made to look old, including repurposed and upcycled creations.

Just Add Coffee!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that my husband and I went with our 4 kids to do some canoeing and kayaking over the weekend.  It’s becoming our tradition to do this each summer, and I look forward to it every year.  We usually do it on a Saturday, but my my oldest son’s work schedule conflicted with that, so we did it on Sunday this time, and that’s the only day I want to do {Read More}

Strut YOUR Sign Stuff!

Vintage Sign Stencil Reader Features! You’ve seen the projects I’ve created with Vintage Sign Stencils, but I’d love to  give you all a chance to show off what you’ve made with them too. This adorable burlap sign was made by What Meegan Makes.  How perfect to display with her vintage milk bottles.   If you’d like your project featured, send your photo HERE. You can also post  your photos on Facebook HERE. If you are a blogger, please include the link to {Read More}

What’s Better than a Chocolate Chip Cookie?

I’m a cheapo – plain and simple, but occasionally I realize that my cheapo tendencies are making too much work for me. For example, I’ve had my online shop  since 2010, and this blog since 2011.  I have sold close to 5,000 items in my shop and written more than 1,500 blog posts.  Do you know what that means? That means I have taken thousands of photos…thousands. Do you want to hear the strange part? I’ve never really enjoyed photography.  How I {Read More}

Farmhouse Friday #16 – Ironstone, Crocks & Pottery

It’s my favorite day of the week – Farmhouse Friday! This week is filled with lots of eye candy with ironstone, crocks and pottery, and ways to use and display them in your farmhouse decor. Here are a few of my favorite ways to display my ironstone pieces, crocks and pottery… In my Antique Style Cupboard …and in my Repurposed Window Display Shelf, …and my small collection of crocks and bowls on my Antique Sewing Table. Now let’s look at {Read More}

Rosemary & Thyme and a Garden Herbs Sign

I know I’ve climbed on this soapbox before, so please forgive me, but I’ve just got to gripe about it one more time. Why in the world do companies – especially companies that have been around  forever – switch from awesome product packaging made of metal with fantastic designs, to ugly plastic and boring designs?  Why, why, why? I’m sure there’s some bottom-dollar reason for it, and perhaps I’m part of a small percentage of the population that actually cares, but I {Read More}

DIY Concrete Tree Slice Nature Cloche

Do you ever buy something, convinced you are going to do something really cool with it?  You aren’t 100% certain what that really cool thing will be – you just know it will be once you figure it out. Well…last year I bought 2 of these glass domes.  I knew they were from cage lights, so I figured that’s what I’d do – make a light.  So I searched the internet for some inspiration… … and I found this Mariner’s Lamp from Restoration Hardware. {Read More}