A Rustic Bucket and Metal Tags for Christmas

This post is written in collaboration with Antique Farmhouse. When I’m looking for vintage  style decor for my home, auctions are usually the best source, but as more and more people buy at auctions to resell, it’s become harder and harder to win something at a  decent price – if you win at all.  Often the prices climb even higher than the prices I see in antique stores, and usually the pieces are dirty and need to be scrubbed well before {Read More}

Angel Wings Giveaway from Marmalade Mercantile

I have a beautiful giveaway today, from the awesome folks at Marmalade Mercantile. When they asked if I wanted to host a giveaway for them, I wasn’t sure what the item would be, but when they told me it was a pair of these angel wings – heck yeah! These will make such a pretty addition to Christmas decor, but will look great year-round as well. Thepair of shabby cottage white angel wings  have an antique white with an aged chippy patina finish {Read More}

Quick and Easy Dinner Idea for Hectic Days!

It’s been a bit of a hectic week with my dad in the hospital.  He was moved to the rehab floor where he’ll be for 7-10 days.  My mom goes to the hospital twice a day, and I go with her once each day, so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on projects or write  blog posts, but I try to work on things in small chunks of time when I can.  My family has eaten a lot of {Read More}

When a Dictionary is Useless

This post was sponsored by Perfect Linens. As if my lousy eyesight and crackling knees didn’t remind me on a daily basis that I’m getting older, my oldest son drove that point home for me today. We were riding in the car and he commented how much he liked the pair of jeans he was wearing. “They’re really comfortable,  like jeggings- except they’re for guys.” he elaborated.

Cleaning Tips from the Hate to Clean Queen

  Saying I “hate” to clean might be a bit of an overstatement. There are things I hate much worse…like lima beans, and root canals. Actually, it isn’t really that I hate to clean at all – it’s just that there are so many other things I’d rather do. When I actually make up my mind to do it, I’m an excellent house cleaner.  You just wouldn’t know it by the looks of my home, because I usually choose to {Read More}

Outdoor Spaces Welcome Home Summer Tour

Welcome to my Outdoor Spaces tour! Do you remember that blog post when I took you room by room through my whole house, showing you ever nook and cranny, every organized closet, and all the beautifully decorated spaces in our home?     Yeah…me neither. That’s because that blog post doesn’t exist, except in my imagination. There’s a possibility it never will, because my whole house isn’t finished and even if it was      I could probably never get every room {Read More}

The 5 words I hear every morning and a $100 VISA Card Giveaway

I’m a homebody.  Running errands and driving around town zaps my energy.  I’d be perfectly content to stay home all week, only going out to hit a yard sale… or five on the weekend. But my teenage son’s idea of a great day is to be on the go constantly. Within the first 5 minutes of waking up every morning, I know what words are going to come out of his mouth. “Are we going anywhere today?” We may be homeschoolers, {Read More}

Make Your Dash Count

 http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV Those of you who have visited my blog for awhile, know I’m the mom of 4 kids, but what I’ve never shared before, is that before I ever had kids of my own, there were three other children in my life. Within 2 months of getting married, my husband and I became foster parents to 3 children with special needs, as part of a pilot program to remove young children with profound physical and mental disabilities from institutions, so they {Read More}

Pretty Kitties, a Crate Disguise, and a $100 Visa Card Giveaway

Our two cats have a knack for photo bombing when I’m taking pictures for the blog or my Etsy shop.  Last week, I was working on a project, and I turned around to grab my camera off the counter behind me.  By the time I turned back around, there was already a cat making herself comfy right next to my project.  They do this constantly! While I officially introduce them to you today, I’m also going to talk about another kind of bombing {Read More}