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Farmhouse Friday – Laundry Room

For farmhouse Friday this week, I thought we’d look at one of the most used spaces in any home – the laundry room. My farmhouse laundry room is one of my favorite rooms in my house, and I’d happily pull my bed in here, if my husband would let me! It’s a small room, but it’s very functional, and it’s filled with lots of vintage pieces that make me happy, like an antique clothes wringer, with my daughter’s baby dress hanging on {Read More}

Watercolor Artwork with Old Calendars

Sometimes we get so used to the things in our house, that we don’t really see them anymore.  For example, I bought a calendar with beautiful watercolor artwork, but I’ve looked at it so many times this year, I rarely ever notice the illustrations anymore –  I’m just looking at the date boxes. But for whatever reason, today was different, and I really looked at it.  Suddenly I was in love with my pretty dollar store calendar again, and was annoyed with {Read More}

A Junky Sign on Pallet Wood

A few days ago, I spotted these wooden letters that I thought would make a cool sign.  I thought I’d make a basic “HOME” sign on pallet wood, but when I started playing around with them, it morphed into a totally new direction…

Vintage Inspiration Party #211 – Autumn and Halloween Decor Bonus Features!

Welcome back to the VIP! Along with all the vintage-inspired projects, there were some awesome autumn and Halloween decor projects shared at last week’s party, so this week I selected a round-up of them as bonus features, in addition to my usual feature pick!  See them at the end of the party.  Special thanks to all of you who participated in the “Grow Your Facebook Followers” special event. I’ll do another one soon to help you grow your Pinterest followers too! {Read More}

Chalkboard and Weathered Wood Reversible Wall Art

I love projects that have more than one way to use them, so I’m  excited about my latest project, because it’s a reversible wall art project that has a chalkboard on one side, and a weathered wood look on the other. To make it, you’ll need a wood frame.  I picked mine up for a few dollars at a yard sale. Cut a thin piece of MDF board, sized to fit inside the back of the frame opening. Framing clips added {Read More}

Farmhouse Christmas Ornament

When my kids were younger, our Christmas tree was pretty random looking, with an assortment of kid-made ornaments, and store bought ones, but the last few years, I’ve done most of the decorating and have gone with a theme for the tree.  Two years ago, I did a “Vintage White” theme, last year, I did a “Gold and Glittery” theme, and this year I decided I want to do an “old-fashioned farmhouse Christmas” theme.

Old Tools Keepsake Display

When we went to visit family in New Mexico during the summer, my in-laws had been cleaning house, and sent me home with some things they no longer wanted, or didn’t have a place for.  One of the things my father-in-law asked me if I wanted was a toolbox that had some of his father’s old tools in it.  I adore old tools, so I couldn’t pass up ones that belonged to my husband’s grandfather. I wanted to do something special with {Read More}

Farmhouse Friday – Baskets and Bins

Today for Farmhouse Friday, I picked a topic that’s a borderline obsession with me – baskets and bins! I love buying them, upcycling them, and repurposing them, and I use them in every room in my house, as I’m sure you do too. I’ve got a big round-up of ways to use baskets and bins in your farmhouse decor!

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My Barn Door Dream Came True!

I know I’ve mentioned at least a few (dozen) times that I want a barn door in my house.   I really wasn’t sure if it would ever happen, so I made a cabinet with a mini barn door on it. I love that cabinet and use it all the time, but I really wanted a bigger version, so when my husband built another cabinet into the wall in our entryway, he fashioned the door to look like a barn door. It {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party #210 – Repurposed Autumn Decor & More

Welcome back to the VIP! I have some wonderful repurposed autumn decor features this week, and am continuing the “Grow Your Blog Followers” special event (more on that at the end).