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Amazing Grace Sign Stencil and Sign Giveaway!

Inspirational signs have always been some of the best-sellers in my shop, and one of my favorites has always been the “Amazing Grace” design, which was based on the rendition by Chris Tomlin.  I have made and sold quite a few of them, but eventually I got tired of making the same design over and over, so I “retired” that sign design.  I’ve heard from many of you who are church pianists, are on worship teams, or are worship leaders, and I’ve {Read More}

Gorgeous Wood and Brick Barn Photograph Printable

Whenever we go on any kind of road trip, I keep my camera with me, and keep my eyes open for old barns to photograph. On our way to New Mexico, when I spotted the most amazing wood and brick barn I’ve ever seen. By the time I spotted it though, we had already driven past the road we needed to turn on, and my husband didn’t want to turn around and go back, but he promised we’d find it on {Read More}

Vintage Style Storage in Antique Trunk

Normally when we travel, I can’t wait to hit every single antique store, thrift shop, and yard sale we drive by, but I was ridiculously well-behaved when we traveled to and from New Mexico last week.  I didn’t go to a single yard sale, and only stopped at a handful of antique stores, and from those stores, I only bought a few things. I seriously amazed myself at my self-discipline, because I found several really cool things, and had carried {Read More}

Farmhouse Friday #8 – Garden Projects

Happy Farmhouse Friday, everyone! Everywhere you go this time of year, garden centers are exploding with color, people are working in their yards and the air just smells so fresh and sweet with with the scents of flowers and freshly-mowed  grass, so the theme this week is yard and garden projects. If you missed any of the previous Farmhouse Friday themes, you can find them all HERE. How is your garden growing so far?  I know many of you are {Read More}

Upcycled Clay Pots and Farmhouse Patio

I am SO not a natural gardener, but this year I’ve really gotten motivated to improve the appearance of our front yard, with flowers and garden decor. After planting my “flower chair” a few weeks ago, my oldest son decided we needed even more flowers for our front porch, so he bought more flowers and pulled out some of my clay pots and other containers to plant them in.  I love clay pots, but as I looked at them, they started calling {Read More}

Vintage Inspiration Party – Handmade Signs, Garden Decor and More!

Welcome to the Vintage Inspiration Party!   We have some great features this week, including handmade signs and unique garden decor.

Vintage Dairy Bottle Caps

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!  I did, but I’m exhausted and stiff.  Last weekend we drove to New Mexico to attend my oldest niece’s high school graduation celebration, and we just got home a little over an hour ago.  My husband did all the driving, bless his heart, but I’m still wiped out from being in the car all night, and a good chunk of today.  I loved spending time with our  my families, but it’s {Read More}

DIY Sheet Music Placemats

I really wish I was musically inclined, but one of my regrets in life is that I quit taking piano lessons when I was young.  I just didn’t have the patience or drive to make myself practice every day.  I’d like to think that some day I’ll try again, but I’m not sure I’d have any more patience or drive now than I did back then, but I do love old sheet music. I’ve got bunches and bunches of it.  I sell {Read More}

a Prairie Barn photography printable

In my quest to photography as many old barns as I can, I’ve also become curious about the names of different styles of barns.  I photographed this old red barn in Illinois a few weeks ago, and did a little research, and discovered that this type of barn is often called a “prairie barn”.  The red paint on this one is fading, but it’s still very quaint.  I really like the two sets of 9-pane windows and the dutch door. {Read More}

Farmhouse Friday #7 – Repurposed Kitchen Tools

This week’s theme is kitchen tools, which are one of the least expensive and easy to find things to repurpose and display for farmhouse decor. Join us in our heartfelt mission to light the world. For every Follow Your Heart Transfer sold, Chalk Couture donates $2 USD to Watts of Love, a charity providing solar technology, education, and hope to those without electricity. Follow your heart and help us light the way for so many. Shown on a Reclaimed Metal Tray

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