Farmhouse Flowers Printables

It’s been rainy, cold and dreary here in the Midwest, and since it’s too wet to do anything outside, I brainstormed what project I could work on indoors, and  I remembered some farmhouse style photos I took last year, and realized I had a really easy project I could make with them. Farmhouse Flowers in Pitchers Printables

Singing the Blues with Blue Farmhouse Style

While I love white as the wall color in my house, I think blue in all shades makes the perfect companion to white in farmhouse style, so let’s take a look at some of them that “sing the blues” beautifully! Blue Farmhouse Style

Weathered Chippy Wood Photo Backdrop

I always find it amusing how different people can be, don’t you?  For example, there are people like me who love rusty old pieces of metal, and other kinds of people who sell rusty old things at their next yard sale (I love those people!).  And there are people like me who think chippy weathered wood is one of the prettiest things on earth, but then there are other types of people who use that same wood for their next bonfire. It {Read More}

Free Farmhouse Vignette Photo Printable

Now, I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but I was really pleased with the old farmhouse look captured in the product photos of the milk bottles I shared yesterday.  🙂 I wanted the photos to look like they were taken in an old farmhouse kitchen from the previous generation – like grandma was getting ready to do some baking on a Saturday morning, and I think the photos captured that spirit.

Spice Rack Makeover: Thrift Shop Flip

I’ve said before that I’m a sucker for gingham, so when I spotted this vintage spice rack, filled with jars that had gingham lids, at a thrift store – it was a given that it was coming home with me.   I wasn’t crazy about the color of the wood, and it looked a bit blah, but the shape reminded me of the wall shelf I made over last year with a Milk & Cream Co. image on it, so {Read More}

Poster Size Christmas Chalkboard Print & ?’s for You

With 2016 on the horizon, I stared thinking about what kind of projects I’d like to work on next year, but it occurred to me that I should ask YOU what kind of projects you would like to see. First, I’ll show you today’s project, then I have a brief survey at the end that will only take a moment  for you to answer.  Thanks in advance!      Now, onto today’s project! 🙂 Poster Size Christmas Chalkboard Printable If you don’t {Read More}

Homemade Christmas Ideas, Projects, Printables

As I was looking back through past homemade Christmas ideas and projects, I realized that you may have missed many of then – especially if you are new to my blog, so it made sense to round them all up into one easy to navigate post. I’ve got four years worth of DIY Christmas posts, projects, graphics, printables, and gift ideas, and they are all organized into categories with links to every post. {Just click on the images below to visit {Read More}

My Weekend and a Thanksgiving Song Printable

Thanks to all of you who left sweet comments about my little toy sleigh (and fake “snow”! Two of my sons, and their girlfriends participated in a “Color Run” in Little Rock this weekend, so I drove down with my oldest son to watch them. It’s a long drive, but it was so nice to take the weekend off and just relax. I even resisted the urge to bring any kind of project with me to work on, so I would have no {Read More}

Never Say Never

Early last week, my oldest son came down with a cold.  He and my youngest son seem to be magnets for every cold that goes around, but I can’t remember the last time I got sick.  I even bragged a bit to my mom that I never get sick. Well, I’m eating my words now, because within 24 hours, I was sick too. Within the next couple of days, my son was better, but I was sneezing and coughing up {Read More}

Halloween Sheet Music

Sometimes life throws you a curveball, and this was a curveball kind of week. As I mentioned recently, my parents are here for a two-week visit, but they left for a few days to visit other extended family.  When they returned back to my house last night, my dad tripped over one of our dogs and fell on the concrete right outside my door.  I called for an ambulance and he was taken to the ER.