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Jack O’ Lantern Halloween Treat Bucket from an Old Bucket

Jack-o’-lantern Halloween Treat Bucket I’ve avoided my workshop (AKA “junk shop” for so long I’d forgotten about some treasures hidden in the abyss.  This, my friends, is one of those hidden treasures.

Dog Bone DIY Treats Storage Jar

Dog Bone DIY Treats Storage Jar Make an adorable Dog Bone DIY Treats Storage Jar for your pet.  It’s so easy using supplies you probably already have on hand.   We have a new addition at the farmhouse.  He’s a small black kitty that my daughter adopted for my son whose adult black cat (Loki) disappeared almost a month ago.  I was a little worried that Chica, my son’s dog, wouldn’t get along with the new kitten, but they are {Read More}

Truffles, Stenciled Bar Stools, & More: Talk of the Town #138

Happy Tuesday, All! Can the weather decide whether it’s summer or fall where you are?  One minute it’s crazy hot, the next it’s like fall, then back to crazy hot.  I won’t complain much because I love summer and fall, so it’s the best of both worlds! Let’s get on with the party now, shall we? Welcome back to Talk of the Town!

Fall Leaves Decor Project Ideas: 20 Easy Autumn Crafts

Fall Leaves Decor Project Ideas: 20 Easy Autumn Crafts Since it’s a bit too early for the leaves to have started changing colors in most areas, you can purchase preserved autumn leaves HERE and HERE. Falling Leaves in Glass Frames DIY from Fall Leaf Wrapped Candles from Fall Leaves in Decor from Fresh Fall Leaves Wreath from Easy Fall Leaf Candle Mason Jar Crafts from Leaf Bowl DIY Craft from Easy DIY Fall Leaves {Read More}

Fall DIY Chalkboard Clipboard Wall Art

Fall DIY Chalkboard Clipboard Wall Art I’m going to be honest with you, so please don’t judge me, okay? I can’t stand coffee even if it’s pumpkin spice lattes with whipped cream on top. To be really honest, I don’t even like whipped cream. Can you believe that? But I do love the smell of pumpkin spice, especially candles. Does that redeem me a little? 🙂 I hope so because I worked on upcycling a vintage clipboard that I had in {Read More}

Heartwarming Movies & Favorite Finds : August Edition

Heartwarming Movies & Favorite Finds: August Edition Generally, I start out my favorite things posts with favorite finds, but this month I want to start with movies … and I watched quite a few movies that tugged at my heartstrings. Mary & Martha  Starring Hilary Swank, Brenda Blethyn, Sam Claflin Mary and Martha is a heartwarming movie about two women who both lose their sons from malaria in Africa.  I don’t think it’s a true story, but it was enough to {Read More}

Talk of the Town #137: Solar Mason Jar Lights, DIY Potting Bench + More!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Hip hurrah!  My daughter got a new-to-her truck, which means I don’t have to drive her to work or pick her up at 2 am anymore.  I’ll get a heck of a lot more sleep now. 😊 Welcome back to Talk of the Town! We have some really wonderful DIY projects and recipes that I think you’ll love.

Barnwood Christmas DIY Chalkboard: Peace Joy Believe + Fun News!

Barnwood Christmas DIY Chalkboard: Peace Joy Believe I hadn’t intended to post any more Christmas projects until at least September, but while arranging my crafting studio (formerly my shed turned guest room) I came across a box filled with random stuff.  This small barnwood chalkboard frame was in it.  It was from my oldest son’s wedding. It was the perfect size for a Chalk Couture Christmas transfer I hadn’t yet used and wanted to try. It’s the Peace Joy Believe {Read More}

DIY Bee Projects, Crafts & Snacks: National Honey Bee Awareness Day

DIY Bee Projects, Crafts, & Snacks:  National Honey Bee Awareness Day The third Saturday in August (tomorrow) is National Honey Bee Awareness Day. Who knew bees have their own day!  I didn’t.  I Googled something and stumbled upon that fact. Now, some supposed national days are pretty stupid in my opinion.  For instance, today is “I love my feet day.”  Now, I do love my feet.  But I don’t think it requires a national day.  Do you?

Market Basket Upcycled with Dixie Belle & Chalk Couture

Market Basket Upcycled with Dixie Belle & Chalk Couture Have you ever thought you totally messed up a project you were working on? Well, I thought I ruined this project but persisted, and I’m in love with the end result. It pays to be persistent and not give up on a project. It all started with this wooden market basket that I found last week when shopping with my sister.   It reminded me of a Longaberger market basket, but without {Read More}