Christmas Family Photos – The Miracle Edition!

Christmas family photos… It’s that joyful day of the year when mother cheerfully gathers her husband and offspring together, to capture a moment in time in their family story, and preserve it for posterity. Those happy family members look forward to it every year, with smiles on their faces, and joy in their hearts. Bwaa ha, ha, ha, haaaaaa

A Rustic Bucket and Metal Tags for Christmas

This post is written in collaboration with Antique Farmhouse. When I’m looking for vintage  style decor for my home, auctions are usually the best source, but as more and more people buy at auctions to resell, it’s become harder and harder to win something at a  decent price – if you win at all.  Often the prices climb even higher than the prices I see in antique stores, and usually the pieces are dirty and need to be scrubbed well before {Read More}

Make Rustic Christmas Shelf with Scrap Wood

Well, with Thanksgiving behind us, it’s now the time that sends terror into the hearts of procrastinators around the world (like myself). It’s officially the Christmas season. It’s officially the Christmas season and I haven’t bought one. single. gift. … No, not one. So, did I rush out to hit Black Friday sales today?

Gingham and Brown Paper Ornaments

Well, the table is cleared, and the leftovers  are now filling my refrigerator.  It was a lovely day, and although I don’t love to cook, I didn’t set off the smoke alarm, I didn’t repeat  last year’s “turkey on the floor” episode, and I was much more organized than the year before’s “thrown together Thanksgiving“, so I’d call my meal a big success!

Gingerbread Men Cinnamon Dough Ornaments

I know the title of my post seems wrong, since gingerbread men should be made of gingerbread, but I wanted to make some cinnamon dough ornaments, shaped like gingerbread men, so let’s just roll with it, ok? 🙂 If you recall, the theme for my Christmas decor this year is ” old-fashioned farmhouse”, and just like the 1st ornament I shared this year (see it here), these little guys look like something Mary and Laura (the Little House girls) would {Read More}

Silent Night in the Living Room and Farewell Photos

I’m plugging away at my Christmas decor, hoping it’ll all be done by Thanksgiving, so I work on a few things each day. I did some tweaking on the wall behind the couch in our living room, to make it look more festive. I removed the window shadow box shelf that I made last year. {see shadow box shelf tutorial here}. I’ll probably move it to my bedroom later, but I wanted to put Christmas wall art in its place. I purchased the Silent {Read More}

The Sexiest Man Alive and a North Pole Sign

When riding in the car with a teenager, conversations can be all over the map.  One minute my son will be talking about a video game, the next minute we’re discussing the Jackson 5, because we heard them on an oldies radio station. Today, our conversation swerved toward People’s “Sexiest Man Alive”. #WeirdConversationToHaveWithTeenageSon

DIY Santa’s Toy Sack Gift Bag

Do you suppose waiting until November is more than halfway over, is too late to get on Santa’s good side? I figured I’d better not take any chances, so I made him a new toy sack. I figured Santa’s toy sack must be getting pretty worn out, and it might score me some “nice” points. It couldn’t hurt anyway, right? 🙂

Christmas Cards Printables – Winter Watercolor Barn

Normally we take our family photos to include in Christmas cards during the summer. Every year, it’s a fiasco. Seriously, I think my family plots together how they can make it as difficult as possible for me to take a decent photo.  I’ve whined enough about it in the past, but if you’re new here, or just want to read about my past family photo ordeals, here you go… {2014 Family Photo Ordeal} {2013 Family Photo Ordeal} The agony goes back much {Read More}

DIY Mittens Garland

Yesterday I was at the fabric store, and as I am prone to do, I went in to buy one thing, and came out with something else completely unplanned. My husband was waiting in the car for me, so I had every intention of getting what I went in for, and getting right back out quickly, but  then I spotted a display bin full of gloves and mittens. I have no idea why a fabric store would sell gloves and mittens, but my eyes {Read More}